Wednesday, December 7, 2011

"How to Shoot A Handgun Accurately" by Massad Ayoob (updated)

Republication of an article written by Mr. Ayoob in 2004 at, including photographs from the original article.

Update: There are several good books on the tactical use of a handgun, but I think one of the best is Ayoob's Stressfire (Amazon link here). The book is particularly valuable to anyone using a revolver for self-defense. It includes an excellent discussion of, and method for, reloading a revolver using speed loaders.

Another of his books which is good to read is The Truth About Self-Protection. (Amazon link here). Again, some of the information (particularly that on burglar alarms) is dated, but he has a good discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of different weapons for self-defense and home protection, using automobiles in a self-defense situation, a blunt discussion of the psychology of criminals, and many other topics. Its well worth getting.

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