Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Besieges Chinese Village Claims Small Victory

As thousands of Wukan residents threatened to march on Thursday to demand the body of rights campaigner Xue Jinbo, who died in police custody, a top level Communist official brokered a meeting with the angry community.

Guangdong provincial deputy-Communist Party Secretary Zhu Mingguo will meet with unofficial Wukan representatives Lin Zuluan and Yang Semao on Wednesday.
Hopefully they aren't being too trusting:
Amid the growing volatility in the province, the authorities offered a goodwill gesture and agreed to dismantle one of the security cordons blockading Wukan village.

In response, the villagers tore down their crude barricades.

But as some residents clapped and unfurled a victory banner, a village elder angrily rushed over to tear it down.

"This is not yet a victory," he yelled.

Villagers are still on alert and fear snatch squads will seize their chance to grab the ringleaders of their unprecedented rebellion.

Groups of residents are now patrolling the sprawling coastal community.

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