Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Mosin Nagant Rifle from AIM Surplus

 For reasons that I plan on discussing in a future post, I recommend that a "newbie" purchase a handgun as their first weapon. At some point, especially if for those living in the countryside, a "newbie" will want to get a rifle. For someone just starting out in prepping, the costs of purchasing supplies and materials can be pretty daunting. It may make sense to get a lower-priced rifle initially, and then save your pennies to get a better rifle at a later date, and either sell or relegate your inexpensive rifle to a backup category.

Up until a couple years ago, my recommendation for an initial, inexpensive rifle would have been the SKS. I really like the SKS--it's a dependable, rugged, semi-automatic weapon that can be loaded reasonably quickly using clips. At one time, you could pick up a new, in the cosmoline, SKS for $80. Even up until a few years ago, most SKS rifles were priced at $150 or less. Ammunition--it uses the Russian 7.62 x 39--also used to be fairly inexpensive. Now, an SKS in good condition runs $250 or more. The price of ammunition has also risen.

However, there are still some inexpensive options out there. AIM Surplus has been advertising Mosin-Nagant rifles for $79. They also have ammunition (it uses a 7.62 x 54R round) for $78 for 440 rounds. (Here and here). (Note, I don't get any compensation from AIM Surplus).

I don't have one, but I have shot the rifle. It is a bolt-action rifle developed by the Russians in the late-1800's, and used in WWI and WWII by the Russians and Soviets, respectively. Large numbers of these rifles were captured by Germany in WWI and ended up being used by the Germans on the Eastern Front in that war. It's heavy, it's long, but it is rugged. From articles I've read about the Mosin-Nagant and other WWI era bolt-action rifles, such as the Enfield, Mauser, and Springfield, it is overall a more accurate rifle with good ammunition. There are also lots of parts and accessories available for it.

In short, for someone with a tight budget, just starting into purchasing defensive weapons, the Mosin-Nagant may be a good starting point.

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