Friday, September 20, 2019

A Roundup of Firearms News

I have collected bookmarks to various articles about firearms that have caught my eye but that just haven't really fit with other posts, so I thought I would share some of these. For your perusal:
  • "TFB Review: SureFeed’s E2 AR15 Magazine"--The Firearm Blog. This is a metal magazine that has some side texturing to assist with insertion or extraction, as well as feed lips designed to feed the rounds in at a more shallow angle. 
  • "Should I Lapp My Ar15 Upper Receiver?"--New Rifleman. The author says "yes".
  • "Strike Industries OPTIMUS Modular Weight Buffer"--The Firearm Blog. "The four weight materials and four weights inside the buffer make a ton of possible combinations allowing you to assemble buffers weighing from 1.7 to 5.2 oz." I don't know about using this for the long term, but if you build ARs, I could see this as useful to for troubleshooting and picking an appropriate buffer weight.
  • "Bersa TPR9, Full Size Pistol and Full of Features – Video Review"--Ammo Land. This is a lower priced full sized (17-round) 9 mm pistol that, cosmetically, reminds me of the Ruger P-85/89, but with an accessory rail. The author's video reviews as well:
"Bersa TPR9 Tabletop Review and Field Strip"--Graham Baates (13 min.)

I am a strong proponent of pocket pistols, because they lead to a higher number of responsibly armed Americans actually having a gun on their person during deadly force incidents. Are they the perfect self-defense tool from a projection of force standpoint? No. The rifle is still Queen of Battle, bested only by her old man Artillery, who is King. But just as a shovel’s a shovel’s a shovel when you need to dig a hole, a gun’s a gun’s a gun when a predator is closing in on you and it’s time to start shooting or start punching.
Another comment that makes me chuckle is the claim that people use their pistol only to fight their way to a rifle or shotgun. Again, studying citizen-involved gunfights, the fight is nearly always over before a person would have time to get to that long gun. We know that when people deploy a long gun, their chances of survival go way up. But that long gun is going to have to be pretty close–within reach–or the fight will be over. 
The situation may be different in the case of civil unrest.
The Remington 7188 was a variant of the M1100 pattern shotgun but produced for combat operations. Unlike the average sporting use shotgun, the 7188 was made to be full auto with a cyclic rate of 480 rounds a minute and was gas operated unlike the 11-48.
Making the standard AR-15 into something more than an intermediate carbine is an old concept, going back to nearly the genesis of the weapon itself. It really hit its stride in the early 2000s with the Special Purpose Rifle (SPR) concept- a Small Unit level Designated Marksman’s rifle. It’s advantages are numerous; light weight, accurate and fast. While the original Mk 12 is a bit dated now, the concept of having a rifle that shares magazines and ammo with the other weapons on the team remains tactically sound and one that is particularly appealing to potential guerrilla forces, working with limited manpower and supplies. Among those of us that actually understand small unit warfare, the role of the sniper- remaining in the shadows and timing his attack when and where its most favorable to him- is the largest force multiplier. His weapon is just as important. The AR, when done right, can serve this role well.
What you are looking for, the author describes, is a rifle that can effectively handle the 300 to 500 yard range. Read the whole thing.

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