Monday, August 12, 2019

A Monday Medley of Videos

"Mission Analysis for SHTF"--Forward Observer (16 min.)
This is part of a series of videos following up on the host's Civil War 2 videos, and discussing methods of preparing for a Civil War or other major disaster.

"Personal protection: 9mm vs. .357Magnum"--Paul Harrell (16 min.)

"The Allied Invasion of Vichy Madagascar"--The History Guy (12 min.)
The host ends the video by noting that the invasion of Madagascar provided a lot of lessons for later Allied amphibious landings. In my mind, the most important was to not let Winston Churchill have any input on planning amphibious landings. While this particular landing didn't turn out as badly as the disastrous Gallipoli landing of WWI, which Churchill also oversaw, it repeated some of the same mistakes.  

Given that the primary support weapon was the BAR, this might have more relevance to partisans than more modern tactical guides that emphasize or assume the use of belt-fed weapons or other support weapons.

If you have already watched the first couple seasons of "The Expanse," you might find this interesting and helpful to better understand the show and the characters.

"History and Housecats, a tale of Civilization"--The History Guy (10 min.)

"Waves of Illegal Immigrants Are Seeking Asylum"--America Uncovered (9 min.)
Discussing the difference between refugee and asylum status, how it plays a role in immigration and border policy, and deals that the Administration is trying to make with Central American countries to limit the flow of illegal aliens. On a side note, after you watch this video, check out this article from Reuters today on "Guatemala election winner sets sights on changing Trump migrant deal."

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