Monday, June 17, 2019

A Monday Medley of Videos

Seems like it would be a legitimate case of self-defense.

The author explains why he reviews inexpensive firearms--because he believes those of limited means also have a right to self-defense. Elitism is often what underlies "Fudd-ism". Yes, I've noticed that historically, the National "Rifle" Association figures and pro-"gun" politicians often pose with expensive over-under shotguns, and look down on us poor schmucks who actually use rifles or handguns. The same attitude shows up in regard to training--i.e., that if you can't afford training you can't afford to own and/or carry a firearm for self-defense. 

The video is primarily about a string of violent muggings perpetrated against members of Seattle's Asian community. The notable points are that the victims were apparently scoped out while using the mass transit system, and then followed to a location where the crime took place. Be careful of someone following you, especially if that person does not fit the demographics of your neighborhood. 

I consider this a must watch because a lot of information that you probably learned in first-aid years ago is outdated. It has information on home treatment of minor burns and information for first-aid or EMS treatment of burns.

"Ruger Mini-14 Disassembly"--Ruger Firearms (2-1/2 min)

Talking about why you might want to not use body armor under certain situations.

Paris falls to the Germans and Britain withdraws the last of its troops from France.

Part 1 focused on Hitler and the Nazi version of  Kennedy's "Dr. Feelgood".  This second part describes the German military's provision of methamphetamine to its personnel. 

"Modernity"--Paul Joseph Watson (15 min.)
Our civilization is circling the drain. Warning: this video discusses current sexual and gender beliefs held by the Left, and so viewer discretion is advised. Notwithstanding, I think that any church congregation wanting to be "inclusive" should first watch this video so they have a better understanding of what they would be accepting by being inclusive. For you fans of paper and pencil RPGs, watch for the reference to Cyberpunk 2020 near the end of the video.

Guess who's coming to dinner: "Portland, Maine overrun with African migrants"--Fox News (2-1/2 min.). San Antonio was planning on sending its African illegal aliens to Portland, Main, but Portland already has too many, so the search is on for other locations to dump them. I would think that the alternative should be obvious: Portland, Oregon. 

"Ancient Egypt and the Exodus in Biblical Context"-- The Study of Antiquity and the Middle Ages (39 min.). This lecture attempts to place the Exodus into a specific historical setting. This is an idea that I'd actually considered before: that the female pharaoh Hatshepsut was the "Pharaoh's daughter" that rescued Moses. That would mean that Moses' birth was likely during the reign of Thutmose II (notice the similarity of name: Moses and -mose. In fact, Thutmose is sometimes read Thutmosis or Tuthmosis). The Exodus would therefore been under the reign of  Amenhotep II, Thutmose II's grandson. However, I would note that this time frame requires you to accept the early chronology for the entry of the Hebrews into what was to become Israel. I lean toward the later chronology, associating the Exodus with the reign of Ramses II, and general collapse of the Bronze Age civilizations.  The later chronology fits other historical items. For instance, it has been theorized that the Thera explosion drove the famine that first forced Joseph's family into Egypt, which would have been about 1628 B.C. The Israelites stayed in Egypt for 430 years, which would put the Exodus at around 1198 B.C.

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