Monday, June 3, 2019

A Monday Medley of Videos

Commentary on a paper accepted for publication by Reviews of Geophysics entitled "The role of geomagnetic field intensity in late Quaternary evolution of humans and large mammals." Key point: "About 40 thousand years ago, mammalian fossils in Australia and Eurasia record an important die‐off of large mammals that included Neanderthals in Europe. In the Americas and Europe, a large mammalian die‐off appears to have occurred ~13 thousand years ago. Both die‐offs can be linked to minima in Earth's magnetic field strength implying that UVR flux variations to Earth's surface influenced mammalian evolution."

"How To Pick A Lock With A TOOTHBRUSH!"--electronicsNmore (6-1/2 min.)
The author of this video shows how to modify an electric toothbrush into a vibratory lockpicking tool, as well as demonstrating its use.

More on the rioting and mobbing from a week ago. You might also want to check out this article from Paul Joseph Watson, "Police Video Shows Whites Being Targeted During Memorial Day Chaos in Baltimore."

"Kel Tec KSG"--Tactical Mischief (5 min)
A look at some methods to rapidly reload the KSG shotgun.

"How I Shoot With a Turkish Style Thumb Ring"--Backyard Bowyer (6 min.)

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