Friday, March 2, 2018

Winter Storm Riley Hits New England and Atlantic Coasts

It sounds as though New England and the Atlantic states are getting his hard by Riley, which has formed what is termed a "bombogenesis." The Daily Mail reports: "At least five dead in Winter Storm Riley as 'bombogenesis' pounds the East Coast with 60mph winds, snow and 4ft surges leaving 1million without power and causing 3,000 canceled flights." The article notes that parts of Boston were submerged on Friday and the rest of coastal Massachusetts flooded at high tide due to the storm surge, and that the storm has dropped more than 20 inches of snow. The deaths appear to be mostly due to falling trees or branches, so be careful if you walking or driving. In addition to the thousands of canceled flights, Amtrak has canceled all service in the Northeast corridor between Boston and Washington due to the storm.

       High wind alerts are in place for coastal areas from Massachusetts to North Carolina. However, these alerts have also extended inland for the Atlantic states, including much of New Jersey, a good chunk of Pennsylvania, all of Delaware, most of Maryland and Virginia, and much of North Carolina.

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