Monday, March 12, 2018

Daily Mail: "Inside the luxury doomsday bunker complex the size of a CITY in South Dakota where 10,000 people will prepare for 'the end of the world'"

View of the bunkers as they exist now (Source: Daily Mail).
The article is about yet another developer that has purchased up Cold War era bunkers (in this case, surface munitions bunkers rather than ICBM bunkers) to turn into expensive, luxury survival retreats.

       The bunkers reportedly are spread across 18 square miles in South Dakota, and will be renovated to include interior partitions, flooring, furniture, and could even sport LCD displays to show different natural scenes.

       A couple before and after shots:


The article has more photographs as well as a couple example floor plans. The article doesn't say anything about food storage, but mention that there will be "attic" space above the individual rooms.


  1. Cool, no back exit.

    1. Consider it motivation to fight harder should someone come through the front.