Thursday, April 13, 2017

Child Victims and the Media's Double Standard (Warning: disturbing images)

"I WAS RIGHT ABOUT SWEDEN"--Paul Joseph Watson (5 min.)

       In the video above, Watson relates that the recent terrorist attack on Sweden was inevitable, given their policies and laws regarding refugees and immigrants. It will be the first of many such attacks.

       However, he also raises a important point: that the media will freely show photographs of dead children when it advances the left's narrative, but not when it runs counter to the narrative.

       I think that we are all familiar with the double standards of the media when it comes to child victims of whatever disaster is in the headlines. For instance, when the media wanted the Western public to feel ashamed of keeping Syrian refugees out of Europe, we were flooded with images of child refugees, with the pièce de résistance being the photograph of Alan Kurdi, a young Syrian boy, lying lifeless on a beach, after the boat capsized in which he was a passenger.  (The media largely ignored the inconsistencies and other questions raised by the incident).

(The rest of the story is below the fold)

       Thus, for instance, we were bombarded for weeks with this and similar photographs of Alan Kurdi:
And the recent sarin gas attack in Syria was advertised with photographs of dead or injured children. Even children that somehow collapsed dead atop one another with their clothes gone:

       Yet, as Watson asks in his video, where is the photograph of Ebba Åkerlund, the 11 year old killed in the Stockholm attack as she walked home? If the media even reported on her, the only photograph we saw was this:

Not this:



  1. Don't forget, when it comes to dead muzzie children, muzzies have no problem with repositioning and posing dead bodies for consumption by the western media.

    1. Or just having live children pose as dead. The Palestinians have raised this to an art form.