Thursday, April 6, 2017

A Type of Mark of the Beast ... In Australia

This is a close up of the proposed ring, from Dreher's article.
       Rod Dreher reports on a disturbing development in Australia in his article "Outing Christian Bigots In Australia"--a type of the "Mark of the Beast." Apparently, in order to "help" employees show their support for LGBTQ, etc., rights, and as reported by The Australian newspaper:
Some of the country’s biggest businesses have upped the ante in the crusade for marriage equality by asking Australians to wear a specially designed “acceptance ring” until same-sex marriage is legalised. 
Led by accommodation provider Airbnb and supported by Qantas, ANZ, Fairfax Media and Foxtel, the Until We Belong campaign has been billed as the “most public declaration for marriage equality” so far. 
The initiative calls on Aus­tralians to signal their support for same-sex couples by committing to wearing the ring, created by designer Marc Newson. 
Airbnb Australia country manager Sam McDonagh said the campaign would involve the distribution of “hundreds of thousands” of the distinctive black metal rings to its hosts and guests, business partners and “key influencers”. 
Qantas staff and cabin crew would wear them, he said, while Google Australia has also provided rings for its 1300 staff to wear. “Our goal is to build ­momentum around the issue of marriage equality and spark those conversations about ­acceptance,” Mr McDonagh said. 
       Of course, it strictly voluntary to wear the rings, no one will be forced to do so. To which Dreher replies:
No, of course not. No pressure at all. If Christians, Muslims, or others who work at these companies don’t want to wear the ring, nobody will force those hate-filled bigots to do what they don’t want to do. If they choose to advertise their bigotry by not joining in the campaign, that’s on them. It’s like back in the 1950s, during the Cold War in the US: if you didn’t want to show your patriotism by wearing a flag pin, nobody was going to make filthy communists like you do it. 
His Aussie readers are already concerned it could impact their jobs and career options if they decide not to wear the rings. He also notes this observation, from his book, The Benedict Option:
They’re not paranoid. While Christians may not be persecuted for their faith per se, they are already being targeted when they stand for what their faith entails, especially in matters of sexuality. As the LGBT agenda advances, broad interpretations of antidiscrimination laws are going to push traditional Christians increasingly out of the marketplace, and the corporate world will become hostile toward Christian bigots, considering them a danger to the working environment.
       Companies are already searching social media to monitor employees, including to determine if an employee or prospective hire has made comments that could be viewed as discriminatory. Companies are already requiring their contractors and suppliers to have work forces containing a percentage of minorities. It will only get worse.

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