Saturday, April 1, 2017

A Fifth Column

       I had noted the other day some news stories concerning a blogger calling herself Alya who blogged at Nordic Sunrise. Her "sin," in the eyes of the left, is (1) she objected to rap and its ghetto culture being celebrated and incorporated within the body of the Church, and (2) she generally seeks to honor and preserve her Nordic heritage, and believes those of European descent should do likewise.

       I cited a couple of news stories that had attacked her, calling her racist, and noted that they did not actually report anything that could be objectively considered racist. I have since come across two more articles about her:

       Buzzfeed, in a piece entitled "Meet The (Alt-Right) Mormons: Inside The Church's Vocal White Nationalist Wing," holds Alya up as the poster-child for the alleged "Alt-Right" wing of the Mormon Church. Based on what I see in the article, any Church member that is white and voted for Donald Trump is part of this "Alt-Right" "white nationalist" movement. The article reassures its readers, though, that support for Trump and his populist message "are anathema to many members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS)." Over 70% of the Church members in Utah voted for Trump, which is why it is "many" instead of "most."

       In any event, the article attacks her for being a conservative--i.e., seeking to conserve our culture and way of life.  It attacks her for being concerned about white genocide. In short, it attacks her because she is opposed to Cultural Marxism. She writes at her blog:
... America and Europe citizens have become self obsessed, lazy, fat, demanding, spoiled, loud, controlling, egotistical and mentally ill. Feminism, homosexuality, atheism, hedonism, and transgender-ism are being promoted while the hard work and priorities of family and faith have all but died away and this pattern is killing us, physically and spiritually.
Is she wrong?

       The New York Post has also joined the fray with its article, "This young mom is the face of Mormonism’s hateful alt-right." It again focuses on her dislike for rap, and encouraging whites to celebrate their cultural heritage. Nowhere does it cite her encouraging hatred against other peoples.

       Sadly, however, some of the most vociferous attacks have been from supposed Mormons. Ayla reports:
      Instead of actually reading what I wrote or addressing any of the issues I raised, people, Mormons, have simply attacked me. I’ve had a few comments from people who disagreed respectfully, but I could count those on one hand. Instead 99% of the comments I’ve received have been hateful nonsense, strawman arguments attacking positions I don’t have, have never made and don’t hold. Or they have simply attacked me personally instead of rebutting my points. 
       I have had MORMONS threaten to kill me, threaten to rape me, threaten to kill or harm my children. Mormons. Let that sink in. At one point in time Mormons were considered the nicest people in the country but so many of them have become rabidly anti traditional family, anti basic church principles and anti white. 
These Mormons that have attacked her are a Fifth Column--traitors and usurpers. It is particularly ironic, given that this very morning, Elder Dale G. Renlund of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles gave a talk in which he noted that members need to show respect to allow others to express their views. Unfortunately, the left have no desire to allow free expression, but only want to allow that with which they agree. And, as I've noted before, the poison of the left has seeped deeply into the Church.

       The Church authorities seem to be pushing more inclusiveness in order to further spread the gospel, but I'm afraid that all this does is encourage the Fifth Column that would rather see the Church become part of the world, instead of being part of the body of Christ. We are, in any event, approaching the time when the doors to the Lord's feast will be closed. We will have to become more exclusive just to maintain our Christianity; to close our doors against the wickedness of the world. The time is fast approaching where the voices of our testimony will be silenced, and, instead, it will be the time for God to preach his testimony via disasters, famine, and upheaval.

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