Sunday, August 14, 2016

Mini-Review: UpLULA Universal Pistol Magazine Loader

The UpLULA in package--locked
The UpLULA Universal Pistol Magazine Loader and Unloader (9mm to 45 ACP) is designed to assist you in loading (or unloading) pistol magazines. It is available through Amazon for $32.45, but I picked mine up at the local Cabela's for about the same price. It is available in several different colors, including your basic black or the purple shown above.

Glock factory magazine loading assist device.
I've used various other loading assisting devices which have been of dubious value. Of course I've used the simple metal or plastic ones that simple slide over the end of a magazine with a hook at the rear that protrudes down into magazine well. The idea with these is that the hook will push down on a round providing you the opportunity to start sliding the next round into the magazine under the feed lips, but you then have to release the loader before you can fully seat the round. Moreover, most of these are so small, you have to hook your thumb over the top to get sufficient purchase to force it down. So, in the end, you still need to use considerable force from your thumb(s) to either force down the device or to press the next cartridge into place. Most of the time with these I only try and use them if I have a particularly stiff magazine spring that makes loading the last few rounds difficult.

The UpLULA works in a different fashion. First of all, the device is big enough that you can get a purchase on the device with your hand so you don't need to hook your thumb over the top. Second of all, it uses a steel "beak" that slides into the magazine well from the front. The result, is that you can leave the beak in place while you slide a new round fully into place, then withdraw the beak and repeat the for next round.

The following photos show the operating cycle:

Unlocked and ready to go!

Starting out: squeeze the UpLULA so the beak is over the follower, then pull the whole device down to make room for a cartridge to be inserted.

Slide the cartridge into place.

Release your grip to allow the beak to come out from under the cartridge.
Squeeze the UpLULA loader again so the beak goes over the already loaded cartridge and then pull down on the device to depress the cartridge. 
Add the next round.
Release the beak and repeat until your magazine is full.
My test of the UpLULA was a Korean made Glock-style magazine for the Glock 17. The spring is so stiff that using just my thumbs I was only ever able to load 11 to 12 rounds. Using the Glock reloading tool (shown above) I can get an extra two to three rounds loaded, but have never been able to load the magazine completely. Using the UpLULA, I was able to easily load the magazine to its 17 round capacity.

The UpLULA gets two (pain free) thumbs up from me.

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