Monday, August 1, 2016

August 1, 2016 -- A Quick Run Around the Web

Officials announced four cases on Friday, believed to be first people to contract the virus from mosquitoes within the 50 states.
    Ten more cases were announced Monday.
      The Florida Department of Health believes that active transmissions of the Zika virus are still only occurring in a small area of Miami-Dade County, just north of downtown in the Wynwood Arts District....
      • "Ban High Capacity Assault Trucks?"--Future Primaeval. The author discusses various options possible in response to the Nice terror attack, including banning or restricting the use of trucks, which is impractical. He concludes that mass deportation is the only reasonable response:
      The answer of course, is that the West is in a state of insecurity, trending to war, with anti-western Islamic State terrorists. This problem faction needs to be physically removed and restricted from any area that requires high general trust, like any Western country, or otherwise neutralized. To do so reliably however, the French would also have to apply these measures to anyone who thinks anything like them, because you really can't easily tell who is and is not an IS soldier. To do that, the French need to declare a state of emergency, institute martial law, and begin processing people for deportation. And to do that, the French need to defeat and replace the local branch of the international community that refuses to do anything and is bent on flooding Western countries with hostile foreigners and running interference for their acts of war. And to do that, the French need to find within themselves the will to act in self-defense. ...
        It is tempting to be agnostic if you have never been given reason to believe. And yet, just as liberal’s recoil from Christianity with a visceral hatred, they either tolerate or cheer the open embrace of the countervailing side.
          If religion were just a mentally-conjured relationship with an imaginary friend, liberals would not bother to oppose God or cheer satan – neither would have any meaning to them. But the reality is they care, and not just a little bit.
            That the largest force for evil today takes sides so forcefully should be enough evidence to make the most hardened agnostic at least take a second look. It isn’t by chance.

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