Tuesday, August 16, 2016

August 16, 2016 -- A Quick Run Around the Web

Source: "World's first pyramid... in KAZAKHSTAN: Scientists discover tomb structure was built 1,000 years BEFORE those in Egypt"--Daily Mail. Most of what we believe we know about pre-history is wrong, or, perhaps more accurately, very incomplete. Archaeological knowledge is grossly malformed because archaeologists have traditionally spent most of their efforts in desert climates where artifacts are better preserved and easier to find. Thus, there is too much weight given to Middle- and Near-Eastern cultures.

  • A new Woodpile Report.
  • "Breaking: Photo Of The New FBI Glock 17M Leaked"--The Firearms Blog. The Glock 17M is the new model being adopted by the FBI and certain other law enforcement agencies. While it appears on the surface to be a modified Gen 4, there are significant differences: the absence of finger grooves on the grip, a flared magazine well, and ambidextrous slide release. The story indicates some changes to improve the trigger, as well. Is this the Gen 5?
  • "History of the Gurkha's Famous Kukri Blade"--Stormbringer.  Some nice photos as well.
  • Some AK goodness:
  • "AK Mods That Have Worked For Me"--Mason Dixon Tactical. They include Tech Sight's replacement iron sight, a side-mount rail system (AKR 1913 Pic. Rail and the AK-301M Front Biased Base) from RS Products for mounting a scope, and Magpul adjustable stock and front grip (allowing the use of rails and accessories). Although he apparently left the original pistol grip on it, I would highly recommend the Magpul grip as well if you are shooting with light gloves or no gloves at all.
  • "Tensions remain high in Corsica after burkini beach riot"--France 24. "Witnesses said the fight started after the families objected to tourists taking pictures of women bathing in burkinis, the full-body, head-covering Islamic swimsuits. Some of those involved [i.e., the so-called "migrants"] in the brawl were reportedly armed with hatchets and harpoons." 
  • "ISIS Orders Its Franchises to Kill Christians"--Daily Beast. "The so-called Islamic State has different strategies in different parts of the world, but in Africa and in Europe, certainly, its core objective is becoming clear: to kill Christians. Its long-term goal: to provoke a new Crusade, reviving the holy wars of many hundreds of years ago in the belief that this time around Islam will win."
  • "When political correctness destroys communities and kills people"--Bayou Renaissance Man. A discussion of how the spread of crime to suburbs is a direct result of federal housing policy that has pushed Section 8 housing into the suburbs. Mr. Grant also discusses the current riot situation in Milwaukee, and the general problems with progressive's ideas to remake the world: "However, utopian progressives don't want to hear that.  They're doing something!  That's all that's important!  Whether it's actually working is neither here nor there - it's the doing that matters!" I've noted before that to progressives, the consequences of their policies don't matter so long as they feel good about themselves.
  • "American Murder Mystery"--The Atlantic. This is the 2008 article that Grant references that discusses the connection between the movement of violent crime to the suburbs and the relocation of Section 8 housing to the suburbs.
    Each one of these conflicts piled one on top of the others (not to mention the return of those movements in Islam bent on conquest in accordance with the doctrines of their ancestors, this simplistic, violent and primitive civilisation, absolutely incompatible with the other great civilisations) will create in the Twenty-first century a general conflagration of the Earth in what will be globalised war, and no longer a world war.
      The kinds of war we can expect will be total and global, in Europe and everywhere else. They will mix and add on to the classic convulsions between nation-states (India-Pakistan, China-USA, etc.), probably including nuclear strikes, religious wars, civil war and two forms of terrorism, micro-terrorism and macro-terrorism.
        In a Europe open to the four winds, the increasingly large presence of immigrants from Muslim countries allows us to predict the impossibility of escaping major terrorist attacks in Europe that will be added into the insurrectional climate. The coming economic crisis — provoked by the ageing of the population — will only amplify the gravity of the situation.


        1. RE: Installing a Scanner Radio Base Station in a Basement or Shelter.

          While I generally agree with the idea of installing an antenna to improve reception of a scanner or other radio, I take exception to some of the advice given in the article.

          First, unless your roof has a radiant barrier or you have aluminum siding, there is no reason to install a small antenna like that illustrated in the article on the outside of the home. It can more easily installed in the attic, where it will be protected from the weather, and doesn't need a robust mount to handle wind and/or ice loads.

          Second, by implication, the author recommends reusing cable TV coax cable (RG-6, RG-59). While it will work, it has an impedance of 75 ohms, instead of the 50 ohms (RG-58) required by the scanner. The impedance mismatch will reduce receiver sensitivity.

          Third, the wire coming off the antenna should have a loop or dip before disappearing under the eaves of the roof to prevent moisture from running down the cable and into your home.

          1. Here you go pal... 75 ohm cable is fine for scanner use.. http://forums.radioreference.com/coax-cable-connectors/171712-coax-50ohm-75ohm.html