Thursday, January 13, 2022

Latest Antifa Intel Report from Area Echo

 This comes to me courtesy of Marcus Wynne (blog/books). On January 11, 2022, Area Echo released an  Antifa Intel Report based on information discovered upon the capture of an Antifa operator in the Tampa Bay area of Florida. Among the items recovered was a detailed "Direct Action Checklist" apparently describing the typical loadout covering such topics as clothing, armor, and gear to be kept in a backpack. It is worth taking a look at the list--and maybe even print it out or download it--so that you know what to expect. For instance, the list is heavy on tools and equipment for vandalism, drowning out or scaring opposition, as well as tools (caltrops) for disabling vehicles. The list doesn't include firearms, but it does include a collapsible baton and a flare gun.

    The author next discusses the groups organization and communication:

    The particular unit he seems to have been affiliated with is the Florida Youth Liberation Front. The Front claims to have chapters in Oregon, Washington, California, Florida, Tennessee, Missouri, Illinois, New York, and Washington, DC, as well as in Canada. The Washington state version of the Front is known to have been around since 2018. The Florida chapter was formed in 2020.

    They appear to be centrally controlled at the national level, and the different chapters coordinate their actions. The Portland chapter provides training for members of other chapters.

    Their online presence is hosted by This webpage is set up for insurgent groups. This platform caters to far-left causes, stating that it exists for the purpose of “connecting radical people.”

    They use the crowdfunding platform GiveButter to collect donations. They use the messaging app Telegram to communicate, and include instructions on how to setup an anonymous account on their blog. Email is handled through

    Their Twitter feed is not open to the public, but Twitter seems to have no problem allowing a group that advocates for violence, as long as that group is on the left.

    One common theme I found on every site is the desire for the violent overthrow of government. I don’t understand how these guys’ meetings aren’t attended by a dozen cops. Every other criminal enterprise in the nation has been infiltrated to the point where they have more cops than real members, but these guys? This HAS to indicate some kind of government support. Reading the group’s website, and especially their “ezine” is fairly instructive.

(I didn't copy them, but the author has links to most of the websites).

    The author also includes a further discussion of local organization and the type of violent actions in which they participate. Be sure to read the whole thing.

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