Tuesday, November 16, 2021

More Prepping E-Books: Recommended By Common Sense Home

Earlier this year I had come across an article by August Neverman at Common Sense Home reviewing the book The Lost Ways by Claude Davis. Neverman didn't like it, writing: "The Lost Ways books touts itself as a survival book, teaching you how to live like a pioneer or Native American. In reality, it reads more like a collection of blog posts, with modern technology sprinkled throughout."

    But Neverman included a list of books he did recommend with links to where you could buy them. I bookmarked the list for later review and came back to it the other day and decided to publish his list with links to downloadable copies. His list, quoted verbatim but with my download links, is as follows:

Most smart phones include a book reader that is capable of reading epub files downloaded onto the device without hassle; something that has shifted my preference from getting items in MOBI or other Kindle formats and switching to epub where possible.

DisclaimerI'm not the author of any of the documents, applications or things linked above and cannot vouch for their accuracy or completeness--use them at your own risk. I am not responsible for the posting or offering of any of the documents or things in the collections and/or libraries and have no control over whether they are posted or taken down. 

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