Thursday, September 30, 2021

The Vaccines Are Safe And Effective...

    A whistleblower has provided government data documenting 48,465 deaths within 14 days of COVID-19 vaccination among Medicare patients alone, according to medical freedom rights attorney Thomas Renz.

    The announcement Saturday was made by the Ohio-based attorney, who remains involved in several major cases brought against federal agencies relating to fraud and violations of medical freedom rights.

    In his presentation, Renz expressed his appreciation for whistleblowers who were coming forward to provide the public with such important information from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Service (CMS). He described the CMS database as the largest available in the U.S. for the study of COVID-19 trends because it contains the data of approximately 59.4 million Medicare beneficiaries.

    One slide showed that the number of “persons who died within 14 days of a COVID-19 vaccine” equated to 19,400 for those younger than 81 years old, and 28,065 for those 81 and over, totaling 48,465 deaths.
    The preprint runs 26 pages and includes 56 footnotes. I am no expert on the structure and function of heart cells, but as far as I can tell it appears meticulously documented. And it paints a troubling picture: specialized blood vessel cells called pericytes have receptors called CD147s. The novel coronavirus itself (Sars-Cov-2) cannot attack these CD147s and damage the pericyte cells, potentially leading to clotting and heart attacks.

    But free-floating spike protein - like the spike protein the vaccines make our bodies produce - can.
    In vaccine trials, antibodies are higher in participants who were seropositive at baseline than in those who were seronegative.24 However, Memoli questions the importance: “We don’t know that that means it’s better protection.”

    Former CDC director Tom Frieden, a proponent of universal vaccination, echoes that uncertainty: “We don’t know that antibody level is what determines protection.”

    Gandhi and others have been urging reporters away from antibodies as the defining metric of immunity. “It is accurate that your antibodies will go down” after natural infection, she says—that’s how the immune system works. If antibodies didn’t clear from our bloodstream after we recover from a respiratory infection, “our blood would be thick as molasses.”

    “The real memory in our immune system resides in the [T and B] cells, not in the antibodies themselves,” says Patrick Whelan, a paediatric rheumatologist at University of California, Los Angeles. ...
    Cal Dunham, 59, and wife Linda, 66, ‘gained their angel wings’ Sunday despite taking precautions against the virus and being inoculated against it, relatives said.

    The couple, who had undisclosed underlying health conditions, fell ill earlier this month during a family camping trip, the couple's grieving daughter Sarah Dunham said.
    Reporting on Covid-19 and the so-called “vaccines” is getting easier every day. As more people get vaccinated, there is no shortage of noteworthy breakthrough cases, adverse reactions, and generally bad news for those who have been jabbed. I don’t write that with any joy as an unvaccinated American. I’m just noting that from a journalistic perspective, the stories lately tend to write themselves.

    The latest example comes from Tennessee where a reporter for the Daily Wire [Chrissy Clark] has become ill with Covid-19 for the third time despite being fully-vaccinated.
  • "Nursing baby died with blood clots, inflamed arteries following mother’s Pfizer shot, VAERS report says"--Life Site News.
  • "Study Shows Vaccine Will ENHANCE Delta Infectivity" by Dr. Joseph Mercola, Based Underground. Main points raised in the article:
    • A group of Japanese researchers released research showing that the SARS-CoV-2 Delta variant “is poised to acquire complete resistance” to existing COVID-19 jabs
    • When four common mutations were introduced to the Delta variant, Pfizer’s mRNA injection enhanced its infectivity, causing it to become resistant
    • A Delta variant with three mutations has already emerged, which suggests it’s only a matter of time before a fourth mutation develops, at which point complete resistance to Pfizer’s jab may be imminent
    • A number of experts have raised concerns that COVID-19 jabs and the mass vaccination program could worsen the pandemic by triggering the development of new variants, via a concept known as antigenic, or immune, escape
    • Another study found that a worst-case scenario can develop when a large percentage of a population is vaccinated but viral transmission remains high, driving the development of resistant strains
  • "Nurses Speak Out at Minnesota Town Hall Meeting on COVID-19 Vaccine Injuries and Lack of Reporting to VAERS"--Global Research. A key part:
    One of the reasons they [i.e., nurses] do not want to take the shots is because they have seen first hand how these shots have killed and injured people, including family members.

    One nurse explained how the media is actually lying by stating that most of the healthcare workers are now fully vaccinated for COVID-19. She said this wasn’t true, and that she knew of departments that were only about 20% vaccinated, and that ER workers had an especially low percentage of workers who were fully vaccinated for COVID-19.

    “Why aren’t people asking the nurses why they don’t want to take the shots?” she asked.

    She said she ran an ER department, and that it was tragic that they were seeing so many heart attacks and strokes, and that it is obvious that they are related to the COVID-19 shots.
    Did the regulators at the FDA know that all previous coronavirus vaccines had failed in animal trials and that the vaccinated animals became either severely ill or died?

    Yes, they did.

    Did they know that previous coronavirus vaccines had a tendency to “enhance the infection” and “make the disease worse”?


    Did Dr Anthony Fauci know that coronavirus vaccines had repeatedly failed and increased the severity of the infection?

    Yes, he did. (See here: Fauci on ADE)

    Did the drug companies conduct any animal trials prior to the FDA’s approval that would have convinced a reasonable person that the vaccines were safe to use on humans?

    No, they didn’t.

    Did they complete long-term clinical trials to establish whether the vaccines were safe?

    No, there were no long-term clinical trials.

    Did they conduct any biodistribution studies that showed where the substance in the injection goes in the body?

    They did, but the data was not made available to the public.

    Do the contents of the vaccine largely collect in various organs and in the lining of the vascular system?

    Yes, they do.

    Do large amounts of the substance accumulate in the ovaries?


    Will this effect female fertility and a woman’s ability to safely bring a baby to term?

    The drug companies are currently researching this. The results are unknown.

    Does the vaccine enter the bloodstream and collect in the lining of the blood vessels forcing the cells to produce the spike protein?


    Is the spike protein a “biologically active” pathogen?

    It is.

    Does the spike protein cause blood clots and leaky blood vessels in a large percentage of the people that are vaccinated?

    It does, although the blood clots are mostly microscopic and appear in the capillaries. Only a small percentage of vaccinees get strokes or suffer cardiac arrest.

    Should people be made aware of these possible bad outcomes before they agree to get vaccinated? (“Informed consent”)


    Did the FDA know that Pfizer had “identified vaccine-associated enhanced disease, including vaccine-associated enhanced respiratory disease, as an important potential risk”?

    Yes, they did, but they did not demand that Pfizer fix the problem.
  • "Doctor Reveals Shocking Findings In ‘Vaccine’ Vials After Lab Examination"--Red Voice Media. The article indicates that Dr. Carrie Madej is "one of the few people who has actually had the chance to examine what’s really in the vaccine vials that are being forced into the arms of millions of people, and she told our very own Stew Peters yesterday that she was nothing short of horrified by what she saw." From the article:

    After examining the specimen further, Madej found that there were “metallic fragments” in there the likes of which she said she was not used to seeing. As she continued to look at the slide, her findings only got more disturbing.

    “And then there was one particular…object or organism…that had tentacles coming from it and it was able to lift itself up off the glass slide,” she stated, at which time a stunned Peters asked if what she was seeing was alive.

I don't know who Dr. Madej is, but she sure ruffled feathers at the BBC in July 2020.


  1. The evidence keeps increasing, so . . . it must be supressed.

    1. Pretty much. I just wish I knew why the vaccination program is so important to the Deep State. Unlike Vox Day, I think China is neck deep in it all. It was China, after all, where the virus was created, and where the plainly outrageous videos of people keeling over dead came from. If it hadn’t been for those videos and the over the top response from the Chinese government, there would not have been the global panic in early 2020.

  2. I've been wondering why they're cramming so many bad ideas in so fast for a while now. They're no longer attempting to slowly cook us like the frog, they're just throwing us into the boiling pot. This was weird to me. They've been doing what they do for a very long time, so why the sudden rush?

    This morning, reading through a few blogs, I came across what looks like a plausible answer to me, as well as answering why they're so desperate to get their death shot into every single person in the world. Now that they've given so many people the vax (first shot at least), the effects can't be slowed down. That means people are going to start dying even more rapidly than they are now within the next months. Too many deaths for them to cover up. Therefore, they have to snare as many people as possible, as rapidly as possible, to limit the exposure of what they're really doing.

    I don't know if this is correct or not, but it's the best answer I've found to that question so far.

    1. Sounds plausible given that our leaders will do anything possible to pass the buck.

  3. Of course the not-vaccines are safe and effective. Safe since the manufacturers are immunized from financial liability, and effective since they have made a boat load of money from their not-vax. For everyone else, too bad.

    And, don't forget the punitive punishments being imposed by government and businesses on people who refuse to get the not-vax. They want to destroy you. I'm sure internment camps for the "vaccine hesitant" are not that far away.

    1. Australia has them, although they are still voluntary. We will see how long the voluntary part lasts.

    2. Based on the way things are going over there, I don't think it's for much longer. Israel seems to be bi-polar; on the one hand, they recognizes the death shot is killing their citizens, and on the other, they keep insisting on just one more booster. Evil is hard for normal people to comprehend, even when we recognize it and know it for what it is.

    3. @Make Mine Texas: The Aussies gave up freedom (i.e., freedom to own firearms) in order to have more security, and so they have lost both. As for Israel, I'm reminded of Shakespeare's statement: "Oft evil will shall evil mar." Evil persons can't help being evil--even if it is ultimately self-destructive--because it is in their nature. I don't know if normal people can comprehend it because it is like a mental illness--evil people don't think the same way we do.


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