Sunday, August 8, 2021

Some Recommended Field Manuals from Raconteur Report

The Raconteur Report recently suggested four Army field manuals that readers should try and track down, being on the subjects of animal transport (1939), Army recipes (1946), repair of tents, canvas and webbing (1974) and tents and tent pitching (1956). 

    For the benefit of my readers, I have found sources of these manuals in PDF, although they might be earlier or later editions. I will link them by the year, so click on the date to go to the download link.

  • FM 25-5 Animal Transport (1939). See also FM 25-7 Pack Transportation (1944) and FM 3-05.213 (FM 31-27) Special Forces Use of Pack Animals (2004).
  • TM 10-412 Army Recipes (1944) (2003).  See also FM 10-23-2 Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures for Garrison Food Preparation and Class I Operations Management (1993).
  • FM 10-16 Repair of Tents, Canvas and Webbing (now titled General Fabric Repair) (2000) (2013).
  • FM 20-15 Tents and Tent Pitching (1945) (alternate).

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