Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Field Manuals Recommended by Brush Beater

I was over at the Brush Beater blog yesterday, and noticed that he had some Army Field Manual recommendations. One of these was the FM 21-75 Infantry Scouting, Patrolling and Sniping (1944). He explains why this particular edition:

    After reading it, I came to respect its simplistic style and the perspective form which it was written – it assumes the reader is a conscript, knowing nothing.

    Further, it has one of the best primers on land navigation and night movement training I’ve ever read.

    Last, it won’t put you to sleep while reading it being written more like civilian books than a military field manual.

Brush Beater has republished the manual in a spiral bound edition (bound on the top) for easy reference during training/practice in the field and is selling it for $20. You need to send him an email at ncscout@brushbeater.org for ordering information. I also have the impression that stocks are limited.

    If you cannot afford the $20 or he runs out of stock, I found a PDF copy online which you can download here.

    He also has FM 23-10 Sniper Handbook, FM 7-93 Long Range Surveillance Unit Operations, and Special Forces Antenna Handbook available for order, also at $20 each. I assume, without knowing, that these are more modern editions of the manuals. Again, these sound like they are in limited supply, so if you can't get the bound copies from him, you can download them at the following links:

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