Monday, May 3, 2021

Monday Musings: New Post From Defensive Pistolcraft

 Jon Low as posted another roundup of news, videos, and articles concerning firearms and self-defense with too many articles or topics to list here. But it is well worth checking out. Rather than try to present a run down of the articles and commentary as I usually do, I'm going to focus on a few of the topics Jon raises. 

    First, one of the easiest ways to get faster and easier hits with a handgun is use one that actually fits you and is otherwise ergonomically sound:

     The pistol fits your hand if:  

When the barrel is lined up with the bones in your forearm and your hand is up high on the grip so that the flesh between your thumb and index finger is bunched up under the tang of the pistol,

1.  at least the tip of your middle finger is pointing back towards you, and

2.  your thumb is able to lie flat against the side of the pistol (preferably high on the slide), and

3.  the last bone segment of your trigger finger is perpendicular to the barrel when all the slack is taken out of the trigger (assuming the trigger is in the middle of your fingerprint, all fingerprints have a loop, whorl, or arch).

    Second, Jon excerpts from an email from Mike Ox:

     In "Teaching to the Test," teachers are less interested in students learning real-world skills and more interested in racking up impressive numbers on the test . . . so they teach the material that they know will be on the test.

     This is how we end up with kids doing awesome on the math portion of the SAT but not knowing how to make change.

. . .

     On a plate rack, you shoot 6 plates in quick succession . . .

     Once you get the timing of your gun down, and know the angles between plates, you can burn it down in a couple of seconds . . . but that speed and pre-defined transition angle doesn't really carry over to anything other than shooting that size plate rack at that distance.

     It's ridiculously fun, but not ridiculously valuable.  Training for the plate rack is training for the test.  

    Third, Jon writes about a strange search warrant recently authorized by a federal judge and which should cause you grave concern:

    The U.S. Department of Justice got a court order that allows the FBI to "fix" computer systems without the owner's permission (or knowledge).
    Stop and think about that.
"DoJ used court order to thwart ‘hundreds’ of Microsoft Exchange Server web shells"
by Joe Uchill 
"FBI Accesses Computers Around Country to Delete Microsoft Exchange Hacks"
by Joseph Cox
    This is a pre-emptive action to prevent a possible future crime. Have you seen the movie "Minority Report"? Be scared, be very scared, because this Federal Court order has already been issued and is being implemented by the FBI. 
DOJ announcement - 
Search Warrant - 
    This is a "Remote Access, Searches, and Seizures". The search warrant doesn't need to be presented to anyone before the search. The search and seizure can take place anywhere in the world (even off the planet in satellites). The government is not specifying the specific places to be searched nor the specific things to be seized. The warrant specifically allows the FBI to tamper with the software of non-criminal third parties because they might be vulnerable to attack in the future.
    United States Magistrate Judge Peter Bray desperately needs to be impeached. [Do you think the DOJ would ever use the FBI to arm and train young women because they might be attacked in the future? Why not? You see the problem. Thank God it is our right to train and arm women (The Nikita Project). As well as bears.]

    Fourth, a problem that has been endemic in the United States since at least the 1920's: white slavery. Jon writes:

     If the bad guy wants sex, there is nothing you can do to hide your sex, so be aware that besides the items listed, all girls are high value targets, ALWAYS.  Slender pretty white girls can be appraised for $50,000 (without celebrity, without family connections, without social status), not for ransom,  for sale as sex slaves (because that's the marginal income the pimp can expect).  How many families can afford the armed security necessary to prevent the kidnapping?  Not many.  That's why 10,000 disappear every year in the United States.  That's an estimate, of course, because most are never reported, because the parents don't give a shit or the parents sold them for drugs (or cash for drugs).  I volunteered as a Court Appointed Special Advocate for children.  I know.  (Tom Givens told us in one of his classes that 20,000 persons disappear in the U.S. every year.  He counted them in the murdered statistic, but I think many of them end up as sex slaves.  Before they age out and are murdered.)

And on a related note:

    The following is why you must exercise your God given right to train and arm women, especially young ladies. The following is real. It is not a hypothetical to be discussed in a class. It is to be acted on by you, by sending your loved ones to training. I offer the following because a narrator tells the story of Samantha Koenig's kidnapping, rape, and murder without graphic photos or prejudicial stuff like that.
    This is why we must train and arm our women folk. If Miss Koenig had been trained, the assailant, Israel Keyes, would never have attacked her in the first place. If he had attacked, she could have defended herself. That is to say, she would have chosen to defend herself, as opposed to choosing to cooperate and never scream, never resist. Never let anyone move you. Never let anyone tie you up. If you have the stomach for it, you can view his confession interview on at
    I blame the parents. Failing to train your children for the realities of life is gross negligence. I am not a hypocrite.I took my children to a 4-day Defensive Handgun class when each turned 14 years of age. (And I write to them often to keep them aware.) Not that they would carry at that age, but the lectures and mindset training were invaluable. It changes the persons behavior, which causes the predator to deselect the person for victimization. [I have also trained and armed several ladies who are not related to me. While some are former girlfriends (not wives, never attempt to train or coach your wife), the vast majority were not. They were sent to me by loved ones who cared for them.]
    It is your duty to train and arm your women. Yes, there is something you can do. Send your female loved ones to Vicki Farnam's Ladies' class, 16-17 October 2021 DTI Women’s Defensive Handgun, Nashville, TN.,%20TN (No, I'm not getting any kick back. Quite the contrary.)

 There is a lot more, so be sure to read the whole thing.

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