Monday, July 27, 2020

E-Book Resource: Collection of Materials on Surviving a Nuclear War

So when I discussed some of the more general sources of info recently, I generally listed some major repositories with the warning that you would need to explore those repositories to find the books and information that might interest you. But I thought I would periodically post more specific links to a collection, library, or specific titles that would be of interest to the prepper/survivalist.

      Although in our current focus on civil unrest and pandemic, nuclear war may seem to be a low probability risk, it is nevertheless it poses a great deal of harm should it occur; and, therefore, it may be worthwhile to be familiar with the survival literature on the topic. Accordingly, I would direct your attention to the following collection, "You Will Survive Doomsday & Nuclear Fallout pack" at The Eye.

      And a few miscellaneous books that caught my eye:
  • Radio Monitoring: The How-To Guide (PDF) by T.J. “Skip” Arey. This appears to be a book from the late 1990s or early 2000s. It runs nearly 350 pages.
  • Survival Guns (PDF) by Mel Tappan. This book dates back to the mid-1980s, so it is obviously dated as to the specific recommendations. Nevertheless, it is an interesting read. And although I don't agree with Tappan's philosophy that you need dozens of different firearms to cover your needs, his reasoning as to various choices may also be of interest.
  • The Complete Book of Self-Sufficiency (PDF) by John Seymour. Similar to the book Back to Basics, this is an overview of a wide-range of topics relating to homesteading and self-sufficiency. 
  • Wilderness Evasion (PDF) by Michael Chesbro. A look at caching and escape and evasion techniques.
  • The Ultimate Sniper (PDF) by John L. Plaster. This is a large book at 580 pages. The copyright dates are 1993 and 2006, and I note that it includes a section on sniping in Iraq, so I assume that the book was updated between the two dates.
DisclaimerI'm not the author of any of the documents or things in the collection and/or library linked above and cannot vouch for their accuracy or completeness--use them at your own risk. I am not responsible for the posting or offering of any of the documents or things in the collections and/or libraries and have no control over whether they are posted or taken down.


  1. I miss hard copy books in general and I especially miss all the great books that were floating around...many of which were "indie" publications which came out in the 1980's and were from small operations like Paladin Press. They were cheesy, "low budget" paperbacks covering all manner of shady topics like guerrilla warfare, making homemade machine guns and explosives, secret Kung-fu knowledge like the "touch of death" etc etc etc. In the early 1990's we also had Feral House...which I understand is still in operation. Oh the good ol days. I bought a few of those books and wish I still had them. I imagine that they are quite collectible nowdays. The only copy I have is "CIA Black Book of Improvised Munitions Vol. 3" from Desert Publications. IIRC there was a HAM and DX related catalog with dozens of titles. It was out of Commack, NY and run by radio guru Tom Kneitel or someone like that.

    1. My treasure, back when I was in high school, was coming across a copy of Jane’s Infantry Weapons in a discount bin. I held onto that one because it was such an excellent reference. I still occasionally go back to it for information.


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