Wednesday, August 29, 2018

TruePundit's Revenge Against The FBI

       Yesterday, I suggested that the FBI was a rogue agency. Obviously, it is not a new thought--the FBI has long engaged in questionable activities, which have been a staple of fiction, conspiracy theory, and Congressional investigations for decades. My favorite Nero Wolfe novel, and I think the best of them all, is The Doorbell Rang which pits Wolfe and his assistant against a corrupt FBI--and they come out on top because they are able to blackmail the agency. The Agency had picked on the wrong person and paid a (small) price.

      Which brings me to a bold statement from True Pundit: "FBI Raid Thomas Paine’s House, Point Guns At His Young Children; How an Award-Winning Reporter Became Thomas Paine." The author, Michael D. Moore (who has been writing under the pseudonym, Thomas Paine) has revealed that he is about to publish a book that will spill the beans on a lot of FBI dirt. He started his career in journalism, even being nominated for a Pulitzer, but was recruited into investigative work--one of the early firms, similar to Fusion GPS, that mixed former intelligence and law enforcement with former investigative journalists. And he apparently did well, working for both government agencies and big businesses. But then the FBI decided to pick on the wrong guy. He relates:
       I can say with certainty, my decision to journey back into journalism was made after the FBI pointed guns at the heads of my wife and children. I knew that first morning (the FBI actually raided my home twice and pointed guns at my family twice) when federal agents raided our home one definitive thing was going to unfold: 
These bastards — and their bosses — were going to pay for violating my family. My kids. My home. One way or the other, I would have the last word. As I have throughout my life and career. And I was going to have to go back into journalism to even the score. 
      I always win. You’ll learn that about me in the coming days and weeks, if you haven’t already learned as a reader of True Pundit. In fact, I already have won. The FBI learned it too. And I have much more to teach the Bureau if it decides it hasn’t been taught enough. True Pundit has broken dozens of key FBI scoops in two years and look at the Bureau. It is in shambles. No one in the media even comes close to our work.
Read the whole thing.

(H/t Anonymous Conservative)

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