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August 28, 2018 -- A Quick Run Around The Web

"NO SILENCERS for Home Defense"--John Lovell (7-1/2 min.)
I generally try and provide links to videos presenting good advice, rather than bad advice, but in this case I decided to make an exception. Lovell's basic argument is one that you have heard before, but in a different form: "You should get a shotgun because racking the slide will scare off a burglar." Except, in this case, Lovell has formulated it as: "You shouldn't use a silencer because the extra 30 or 40 decibels when you shoot will scare off a burglar." And, according to Lovell, if you suffer permanent hearing damage as a result, it is a small price to pay.  

  • It's Tuesday which means that there is a new Woodpile Report for your reading pleasure. In addition to the summaries and links to articles, Ol' Remus discusses what would happen in the event of a national disaster, including:
       Old vendettas will be settled, chains of revenge for revenge will begin. City utilities will fail, sewage and garbage and corpses will contribute to unchecked disease . An exposed light at night will be worth your life. Enclaves will attack enclaves no less destitute than themselves. The naturally homicidal, suddenly unconstrained, will prey singly and in groups. Some uniformed enforcers of defunct martial law will go rogue.
           Long time readers know survivalism is summed up in my Most Excellent and Inviolable Rule One: Stay away from crowds. There's nothing in this for the survivalist. Serial gunfights and derring-do are not the key to survival. The survivalist removes himself from this pointless maelstrom, ready to defend himself and others, but aware the hard work of preparation is not over. The long term is still ahead and there's plenty of room for things to get worse. And worse they will get.
    • Have you ever gotten to the range and realized that you forgot to pack the ammunition for one of your firearms? "Make Ready Procedure"--The Firearm Blog. Short version: "The gear is an important facet, but ensuring everything is positioned, running properly, has batteries, is properly loaded or even that you remembered to bring it can be an issue. Following a proper Make Ready Procedure can help you avoid many potential problems." 
    • "Traditional Double Action Autopistols for CCW Carry"--Active Response Training. Greg Ellifritz has noted a recent trend back toward DA/SA handguns for concealed carry, which he sees as a result of better triggers and the growing popularity of appendix carry. He notes that first pull of the trigger in double-action could be an issue, but generally not that important. 
      The bigger training issue was managing the TDA [traditional double-action] auto’s decocking lever. Teaching a student when to decock while the pistol was still in hand was harder than teaching the double action trigger pull. Getting students to remember to decock before holstering while under a lot of stress was hard work.  When the stress levels increased, I had lots of cops trying to holster cocked TDA pistols.
               The first thing you should do in the wake of a defensive shooting is call 911, if you hadn't prior to that point. Alert the authorities to what happened and wait for them to arrive. When they'll arrive depends entirely on response times and availability, but usually will only take a few minutes. 
                 There are some best practices when comes to speaking to dispatch. Most importantly, stick to the facts. The line is recorded, so anything you say to them can (and/or will) be used later. Only state that what has happened, your name and location.
            Remember that the recording starts as soon as you dial 911, not when it is answered. So watch what you say to others while you wait for the 911 operator to pick up. The author goes on to discuss interaction with the police, questioning, points leading up to trial, and other aspects of the aftermath. Also remember that sticking to the facts includes not just affirmatively telling the truth, but also avoiding speculation. If you don't know something or are unsure, don't try to fill in the blanks.

            "What Deer See and Other Whitetail Research Part 1"--Sportsman Channel (9-1/2 min.)
            This is an introduction, and then begins discussing the field of view and night vision of deer.

            "What Deer See and Other Whitetail Research Part 2"--Sportsman Channel (9-1/2 min.)
            This continues by discussing what colors deer see, and their ability to discern movement.

            • "Ebola: a clear and present danger, if it gets here"--Bayou Renaissance Man. Peter Grant quotes extensively from an article by Aesop about how unprepared the United States is for an Ebola outbreak happening here, noting how poorly handled were the few cases that showed up on our doors several years ago. As for Canada and Mexico:
                    Canada has zero BL-IV beds, AFAIK. But hey, free health care! Just like in Ebola clinics in the African bush. Should work out great for them.
                       Mexico has...wait, you're shitting me, right? Mexico has what you'd expect Mexico to have: a corrupt government, and an overabundance of expendable and illiterate peones. No points for guessing who'll handle clean-up there. Then take the disease home to papi y los niños, Tío Juan and Tía Julietta, y los viejos. Who will cheerfully and unknowingly spread it to all their friends, and pretty soon, you solved the immigration problem by erasing everyone from Tijuana to Tierra del Fuego, except maybe some lucky isolated Indians in the deep Amazon rainforest. ¡Viva!
                  Be sure to read the comments as well.
                  • And a couple more from Aesop:
                  • "And The Hits Just Keep On Coming"--Raconteur Report. The primary point from this article is that the Ebola outbreak is in a war torn area of the Congo controlled by Islamic rebels and the people have been beating and driving off health care workers that have tried to convince them to practice safer burial practices. He writes:
                  So, just like with the ignorant tribal jackholes in West African nations in 2014, this is going to take months to try and get a handle on, not days nor even weeks, by which time it will multiply by several orders of magnitude, like it does, to hundreds and thousands of cases, even with a vaccine, and cross one or two international borders, and so on, and so on, and so on. And it's already off to the races now.
                    He is predicting that we may well have to resort to military action to contain this one because of it being situated in a war zone.
                    • "Nothing (Good) To See Here"--Raconteur Report. In this post, Aesop notes that the death rate is being understated in the media. He explains:
                             The death rate isn't the number dead now vs. the number infected now.
                               Ebola isn't a lightning bolt.
                                 In 2014, Duncan, with first-world ICU care, took 10 days to die.
                                  He'd been sick several days before that.
                                    In Africa, a week, or two, or more between obvious infection, and death, is not uncommon.
                                       So if you're going to be honest, look at how many cases they had 21 days ago (that time span being the rough average of 5-42 days between contraction and appearance of Ebola) and how many dead people they have now.
                                         21 days ago, there were 76 cases. Today, there are 72 dead.
                                           That's a CFR of 95%.
                                    • Related: "Illegal Alien Accused of Murdering Mollie Tibbetts Has an Anchor Baby"--Breitbart. How special. Also this: "The illegal alien lived in a region of Iowa that was surrounded by sanctuary cities." Note well that Davidson claimed that illegal immigration is a victim-less crime, but "[t]he illegal alien used a stolen or fake ID and fraudulent Social Security card to work in Iowa."
                                    • "Burglary Tourism: Chilean Criminal Gangs Fly to UK to Raid Homes"--Breitbart (h/t Anonymous Conservative). The gangs fly into the UK where they are provided cars and burner phones, and a list of targets. The article mentions that they may be active in other countries, including Spain and the U.S. 
                                    • Reparations: This article from The Anatomically Correct Banana points out that we (the United States) have spent $22 trillion in this country on various aid and welfare programs, and that $2 trillion have been provided to Africa over the last 50 years. All without anything to show for it. Imagine what that money could have done if invested in something useful or not even taxed or borrowed in the first place. If you are looking for an explanation why American infrastructure is crumbling, or why our manned space program regressed from its heights in the early 1970's, this is a good place to start.
                                    • There will be war: "The Original Sin"--The Z Blog. Key point:
                                      If all the problems of the world are due to white racism, and all other efforts failed, it is only logical and moral to get rid of white people, or at least make them sub-citizens. If the problems persist, then killing off the whites is not just the right thing to do, it is the only thing that can be done.
                                      To begin with, America is no longer a country. It is a set of special interests occupying the same place: Corporations, races, ethnicities, faiths, ideologies, foreign agents pretending to be Americans, all at each other’s throats. No cure is possible.
                                      Americans no longer have a shared identity, a common culture to hold them together. In 1950 America was overwhelmingly white, European, and Christian. How deeply one believed was not the point. Christianity was a matrix binding all, as Catholicism is in Latin America. Today Christianity is like marijuana–tolerated, barely legal, but better not to get caught. Whites are reviled by those of lesser capacity and, weirdly, by themselves. What do we now have in common? Almost nothing. This will not change before some strange looming denouement befalls us.

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