Friday, May 27, 2016

Plague Warning for South West Idaho

Ground Squirrel 
The Idaho Statesman reports that plague has been detected in ground squirrels in southwestern Idaho. From the article:
Ground squirrels found dead in the desert in Ada and Elmore counties have initially tested positive for plague, prompting a warning from public health and wildlife officials for the second year in a row. 
Authorities are still confirming the diagnosis. But people out and about in the desert southeast of Boise and Kuna should take precautions for both themselves and their pets, including not feeding rodents and not handling sick or dead rodents. This year, the area in question runs as far north as Interstate 84 in Boise, including the Boise Airport. 
A bacterial disease, plague can be spread by the bites of fleas or by direct contact with infected animals. The plague is believed to have reached Idaho in about the 1930s and has likely been in the ground squirrel population for decades.

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