Sunday, January 31, 2016

A Quick Run Around the Web--January 31, 2016

  • "Masked marchers beat immigrants in Stockholm"--The Local. The attacks apparently were because of the police failing to deal with crime by North African youths in and around central Stockholm. The police, though, did have the energy to attempt to track down and arrest some of the vigilantes. And the Anonymous Conservative reports that Germany is turning the full weight of its intelligence apparatus on the so-called "far right." He writes: "They’ve literally lost half the foreign invaders/rapists in their own country, but mark my words – they will now have a file for each member of PEGIDA which will contain extensive imagery, frequently traveled routes and destinations, all contacts and associates, a detailed itinerary minute by minute of daily activities for at least a week and maybe several months, a detailed data file of all electronic/online/mobile/phone monitoring, as well as detailed records of every item they purchased in person, including dates, prices (if you only buy butter on sale, that is important for prediction), and where they were purchased."
  • Related: "German admin ordered CCTV of Cologne attack, erased"--Live Leaks (warning: video automatically plays upon opening). If you were wondering why there wasn't more video from surveillance videos showing the Cologne attacks, it is because senior police officials ordered that the recordings be destroyed. Yet another reminder that the sheep dog works for the sheep herder, not the sheep.
  • Related: "Russians Lay Waste To Muslim Migrants In Germany"--Anonymous Conservative. A group of Muslim immigrants made the mistake of kidnapping and repeatedly raping a Russian school girl--part of a Russian immigrant community. The blog author describes what happened next:
Supposedly the Russian immigrants got together, acquired their blunt objects, and then rolled up to the German migrant hostel in over a hundred cars. In true Russian fashion, they exited their cars and proceeded to tear the place apart in an orgy of violence, and beat anyone who looked suspiciously foreign. Germany is desperately trying to keep the whole thing covered up.
  • Related: "How America Can Capitalize On Europe’s Implosion"--Angelo Codevilla at The Federalist. Most of the article is about how the delusional ruling elite in Europe have mucked up everything, but then turns to how it may benefit the United States: by encouraging the migration from Europe of those Europeans who desire a future. 
The number of “unclassified” emails that turn out to be classified, some of which transited Ms. Clinton’s unencrypted server of bathroom fame, now surpasses 1,300 and may go higher still. A couple weeks ago I explained howMs. Clinton’s emails included highly classified information from the National Security Agency, based on signals intelligence about Sudan at the Top Secret Codeword level (see this for an explanation of such classifications). How they got there has yet to be explained.
    We’ve since learned Ms. Clinton’s “unclassified” emails also included Top Secret information from the Central Intelligence Agency, including espionage from a compartmented Special Access Program. SAPs, as they are called in the Intelligence Community, represent “crown jewel” information. Even for holders of Top Secret Codeword clearances, the highest in the U.S. Government, access to SAPs requires special permissions, on a strict need-to-know basis.
      ... The communications of America’s top diplomat are closely monitored by dozens of foreign spy services, and anything sent out unencrypted, as Ms. Clinton’s email was, should be assumed to be read by numerous countries, including some who are not our friends.
        As we have learned in the past few days, the FBI has moved from a criminal investigation to an espionage investigation in the Hillary email scandal.  The FBI is now going directly to the source of the classified documents found on Hillary’s unclassified server to compare the originals with the documents that were found stripped of their classification markings.  The damage to national security can’t be underestimated, because the gist of the FBI’s change of focus means employees of the intel agencies who had access to classified assessments, including special access programs (SAP), abetted the effort to disclose the information to unauthorized individuals.  In some cases, extremely sensitive materiel may have been even been physically sequestered under strict security protocols that require an insider’s knowledge to circumvent.
          Despite the vast majority of patriotic and talented people in the intelligence community (I.C.), the question becomes, then, who would take advantage of being “read on” to restricted programs to obtain these documents, thereby committing an act of espionage?  I don’t know the names, obviously; the FBI will take care of that.  But I think there are three main types of people who would work around the safeguards.
            The three types are, first, "the true believer"--those, like Sid Blumenthal, who have hitched their wagons to the Clinton gravy train. Second, the "progressive, idealistic, newbie" who thinks he/she is saving the world (and advancing their career) by assisting a power-broker. Third are employees that have been discovered via polygraph interviews to have committed crimes, unrelated to maintaining their security clearance, but that nevertheless make them vulnerable to blackmail by their superiors--crimes such as drug abuse, child molestation or other sex crimes.


            • Related: "The Zika Virus"--Blue Collar Prepping. A more detailed article about the virus and its symptoms.
            • Related: "Zika Virus A Mutation?"--Survival Medicine. Some thoughts on why the virus is causing much more severe symptoms in the Americas than in its home of equitorial Africa.

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