Tuesday, January 12, 2016

A Quick Run Around the Web--January 12, 2016

Two of these people look happy. ("The Germans Welcoming Refugees Into Their Homes")

Survival/Self-Defense Stuff:
    Terrorist as a whole maybe inflicted with bravery for the cause (or the riot) when they are in a pack where they can feed off each other. Isolated most are not brave rugged men, but twenty-somethings (or younger) plagued with doubt and insecurity. That doesn't make them any less dangerous, just unsure of themselves. You have to feed on the insecurity.
      You're not trying to get them to flee the city, but you can deter them off your hotel floor and possibly the hotel even if you're not armed.
        With the exception of firemen and a few other certifiable crazies who run into buildings to save lives, no one wants to die in a fire. If the un-shaved kid in the ski mask, camo jacket and carrying a banged up assault rifle looks up the stair well or down the hall and thinks the building is on fire, and that the infidels are going to die anyway he's probably not going to see a reason to get trapped in a burning building. In third world countries plenty of people die in building fires and its a terrifying prospect for anyone.
        He then goes on to describe how to make a smoke bomb to provide the illusion of a building fire. Read the whole thing.

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