Tuesday, January 28, 2014

RIP Ammo

I've had a couple people email me concerning G2Research's RIP ammo. Some information, and a couple videos, are available at The Liberty Digest or at G2R's website. G2R claims that it is the last round you will ever need. Currently, it is only being made in 9 mm, but there are plans to manufacture it for other popular semi-auto calibers and for shotguns.

Color me a little skeptical on its effectiveness. There are eight petals which apparently break off of a button looking base. G2R's theory is that the tip of the petals act like saw blades, cutting through clothing or other material as the bullet spins; and, on impact, the petals break off creating multiple wound channels.

The video shows multiple shots into ballistic gelatin. The only deep penetration of the ballistic gelatin is from the button—the petals don’t penetrate very far and appear to break off immediately on impact. So, I have grave doubts about its ability to retain much mass when going through thick clothing or a barrier. There is little disruption of the gelatin by the button portion--although there are no measurements provided, it doesn't appear to have much more disruption than a .22 LR bullet.

And at $50 per box, it won't be practical to practice with it.

The shotgun round may show more promise, but we'll have to see if anything comes of it.

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