Friday, October 4, 2013

"Operational Fitness"

Max Velocity has a new post on "operational fitness"--fitness for realistic activities. He posts the following fitness goals used by the British army:

SP: By the time I started training for my second tour 3 years later there had been a big shift by the Army in training with weight. The new OFT (Operational Fitness Test) were in force. During the 9 months pre-deployment training my Battalion only did 3 or 4 CFT's (Combat Fitness tests - the old standard: 8 miles, 55 lbs. plus weapon and helmet) and I think only 2 PFT's. Instead we simply concentrated on very long marches at a more realistic patrol pace carrying the exact kit we would be using in theatre, minus the ECM so bergens (rucks) simply had breeze blocks thrown in! Whilst still hard, it was more realistic and as such, more beneficial. 
This is what ArmyNet published regarding OFT's. Thought Max might find this interesting: 
The test is done in Combats (ACU's) wearing the Helmet (and for 2-6 CBA/Osprey (Body Armor) if available (included in the weight)). 2-6 require you to carry the weapon in the Patrol position. 
OFT 1 - 3 miles total. 1.5 squadded in 18 mins, 1.5 best effort under 15 mins. Weight 15kg (33lbs.) Total. (Wpn not required). 
OFT 2 - 2 miles total. 0.5 squadded in 7.5 mins, 1.5 best effort under 15 mins. Weight 20 kg (44 lbs.) (CEFO & Wpn). CEFO = Combat Equipment Fighting Order 
OFT 3 - 3 miles. 3 miles squadded no less than 38.5 mins, no more than 39 mins. Weight 25Kg (55 lbs.) (AO & Wpn). 
OFT 4 - 5 miles. 4 miles squadded in 68 mins, 1 mile squadded 12.5 - 13 mins. Weight 30kg (66 lbs.) (20kg for non-warry) CEMO & Wpn. CEMO = Combat Equipment Marching Order 
OFT 5 - 10 miles. 5 hrs squadded. Weight 35kg (77 lbs.) (25 kg non-warry) CEMO & Wpn. 
OFT 6 - 24.8 miles. Day 1, 12.4 squadded under 3Hrs 30 mins. Weight 30kg (66 lbs.) (CEMO & Wpn). Day 2, 12.4 squadded under 3 hrs. Weight 20 kg (44 lbs.) (CEMO & Wpn).
 MV recommends that you modify this for your own fitness, age, and abilities.

Although developed in the 1950's, there is a book called Royal Canadian Air Force Exercise Plans for Physical Fitness that has exercise plans and goals based on gender and age, which are probably easily adaptable to different starting fitness levels and abilities. It doesn't appear to be in publication anymore, but you may run across it in a bookstore, and if you do a Google search for the title, it looks like there are some sites where you can download some of the information.

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