Sunday, October 13, 2013

A Little Veterinary Medicine

We got to practice a little veterinary medicine on our cat this past week, and I wanted to share the details.

Our cat started looking thick around the neck and jaw a couple weeks ago. We initially put it down to a thickening winter coat, but discovered that she had a large, hard lump on one side of her jaw which we believed to be swelling from an infection.

So, last weekend, my wife prepared a poultice using comfrey. She took dried comfrey tea and crushed it, then added a little water until it made a thick paste. She put this on a warm washcloth and then we held it against the cat's jaw for 20-30 minutes on Saturday night and Sunday afternoon, respectively. We also began adding colloidal silver to the cat's water. By Monday, the lump had softened, and it burst on Monday night.

After it burst, my cleaned sniped some of the fur away. At that point, we could see that the cat had bite marks on her neck--apparently she had been in a cat fight. My wife washed the wound with diluted hydrogen peroxide and a squirt of colloidal silver. I sprayed the wound with Bactine spray. We then coated it with propolis extract (since we didn't have raw honey). (See also this article on propolis).

The healing was amazing. This photo is from the first day after we applied the propolis:

This was two days later (you will notice that her hair fell out over the infected area):

This was another couple days later (the cat keeps scratching off her scab):

We obtained our comfrey from High Country Herbals.

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