Wednesday, October 14, 2020

E-Book Resource: "The Ultimate Survival Food List For a Family of 4"

So when I discussed some of the more general sources of info recently, I generally listed some major repositories with the warning that you would need to explore those repositories to find the books and information that might interest you. But I thought I would periodically post more specific links to a collection, library, or specific titles that would be of interest to the prepper/survivalist.

     This post is a little different than my prior posts. In this case, someone with SCP Survival reached out to me about an HTML e-book titled "The Ultimate Survival Food List For a Family of 4". I've glanced through it and it looks pretty good. I'm particularly pleased by the philosophy that you should be (i) stocking up on things that you will actually eat, and (ii) learning how to actually cook and eat the things that you stockpile. Too many times, especially with long term storage, people will stock up on the basic 5 foodstuffs, including hundreds of pounds of wheat, with no plans to consume it unless there is an emergency, and then not really having any idea to process and use it for food (other than simply grinding it up into flour and cooking it in their non-functioning electric or gas oven). To give you an idea of what is in the book, here is the Table of Contents:
  1. In a Hurry? Want this Post in Downloadable Checklist form?
  2. Quick and Easy Meals
  3. Grains and Starches
  4. Proteins
  5. Soups
  6. Fruits
  7. Vegetables
  8. Sauces, Oils, and Condiments
  9. Shelf Stable Dairy
  10. Snacks and Luxuries
  11. Juices and Other Beverages
  12. Bulk Staples
  13. Freeze Dried Emergency Foods
  14. Baking Ingredients
  15. Vitamins and Supplements
  16. Animal and Pet Food Storage
  17. Criteria for Choosing Your Survival Food
  18. Survival Food Storage and Preservation Supplies
  19. Frequently Asked Questions
  20. Ready to Get Going?

If you are disappointed that there aren't any PDFs to download, they have you covered there with their "Free Survival PDFs, Manuals, and Downloads".

DisclaimerI'm not the author of any of the documents or things linked above and cannot vouch for their accuracy or completeness--use them at your own risk. I am not responsible for the posting or offering of any of the documents or things in the collections and/or libraries and have no control over whether they are posted or taken down. 

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