Friday, January 6, 2017

January 6, 2017 -- A Quick Run Around the Web

Some music for your enjoyment: "Nocturne" by Secret Garden.

  • TGIF: The Weekend Knowledge Dump from Active Response Training. A good selection of articles, as always, including a few technical articles on firearms, some advice on when and when NOT to confront an intruder (including some information on room clearing), training, first aid, and more. And this thought from Greg Ellifritz: 
Despite what some firearms instructors state, concealment is a better option than cover.  People rarely shoot what they can’t see.  If you can immediately get to concealment in a fight, that may be a better option than taking several seconds to get to solid cover.
  • "A Revolver Year?"--The Shooting Wire. This article discusses the sudden surge in new models of revolvers, and it doesn't even consider Colt's new offering.
  • "Gear Review: Apex Tactical M&P Barrel"--The Truth About Guns. The author sent his M&P pistol off to Apex Tactical for installation of a match grade barrel and had significant improvement in accuracy.
  • "Is the .45-70 Gov't. Cartridge Still Relevant?"--American Rifleman. Apparently, since several manufacturers continue to offer the rifle. In any event, the bulk of the article is about some of the different offerings in cartridges from various ammo manufacturers. 
  • Related: "A High-Tech .45-70"--Buckmasters. An article about the .458 SOCOM, which uses .45-70 bullets, but is a caliber intended to be used with AR-15 style rifles.
  • Related: For those of you who like to roll your own, so to speak: ".45-70 Pile-Driver"--Beartooth Bullets. This company manufactures a 525 grain flat-nosed lead bullet, and has all the reloading data at the link. The loads are for modern lever-action rifles and Ruger single-shot No. 1 and No. 3 rifles. Heavy, wide and flat meplat--what's not to like?
  • My recent link to an article on keeping predators out of your chicken coop made me think of traps, which made me think of snares. So, a selection of articles on making snares:
  • "How to Build a Small Game Survival Snare"--The Art of Manliness. Unlike the other articles listed, this one is primarily on making snares out of improvised materials such as if you were stranded in the wilderness.

Other Stuff:
     ... the outgoing Obama administration is literally importing terrorists through our nation’s refugee programs. Because private contractors are paid by the head to resettle refugees and other needy populations, the resettlement program has built-in incentives for uncontrolled growth. This harmonizes with the Left’s open borders agenda, which seeks to swell the rolls of new Democrat voters while weakening the influence of traditional (read conservative) America.

         Big business shares this agenda in seeking cheap, subsidized labor. The resulting bipartisan alliance has long subsidized a resettlement industry that is expensive, secretive, duplicitous, and unconcerned about the Americans who pay for it with hard-earned tax dollars.  ...
      He also notes that it costs 12 times as much to resettle a refugee than to assist them in place in their home country.

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