Thursday, January 12, 2017

A Good Story For Around The Fire: "Mysteries in the Mountains A real-life Twilight Zone may exist in Southeastern Arizona near the Mexican border"

Delicate Arch in Arches National Park, Utah (Source)
The Tucson Weekly published the aforementioned story in May 2003. It had been written by Ron Quinn, a treasure hunter, and submitted to a sister publication some years earlier before falling into the then-current editor's hands. The Weekly was unable to confirm any of the details, so published it as a series of interesting anecdotes, and nothing more. Basically, however, the story is Quinn's description of a stone gateway or arch in a remote area of Southern Arizona (on tribal lands, of course) that apparently could occasionally transport someone through time. Quinn first learned of the gateway in the late 1950s from "John," an Indian living in that area. 
     Later, John told us about a mysterious stone archway. Roy told him we came across such a formation south of camp. John's first words were, "Did you walk through its opening?" 
     Walt answered, "No. We noticed it while descending a slope, but paid little attention to the oddity." 
     John told us around the 1800s, three Indians were hunting and upon returning to their village, discovered a stone archway. Being in a jubilant mood, they began chasing one another through the opening in a playful manner. 
     Moments later, one jumped through but never emerged from the opposite side. Fearing they had entered some sacred ground of the gods, the remaining two fled the scene. Arriving at the village, they told the medicine man how their friend had vanished before their eyes. 
     As the story spread, others journeyed to the high plateau to gaze upon the stone structure. Rocks and other items were tossed through, but nothing occurred--until an elderly woman approached. Tossing in a live rabbit, it suddenly vanished. The Indians backed off in fear and spread the story of this "Doorway to the Gods," as it came to be known. 
     John himself has been to the site on many occasions. The only time he witnessed anything strange was around 1948. A big storm had blown in, and the sky was filled with dark clouds in all directions. As he rode past the archway, he noticed the sky through its opening was blue--no clouds were visible. Dismounting, he walked cautiously toward the formation and peered through. The mountains on the other side hadn't changed, but the sky was clear. Looking around the corner of the structure, the sky was once again covered with dark clouds. Fear gripped him and he rode off.
The rest of the story has to do with Quinn's other journeys into that area investigating the arch.

Of course, similar tales are extant in many areas of the world. I remember having a Lost in Space comic book that had a similar plot device: they had landed on a desert world, but found a natural stone archway through which it was possible to travel back through time to when that particular planet was still green and full of life.

In any event, if you like these types of supernatural/treasure hunting stories, check it out.

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