Tuesday, September 6, 2016

R51 Update

I had some time to go shooting this weekend, and was able to put another 75 to 80 rounds through my new R51, of which about 45 rounds were handloads and the rest were Winchester White Box. This time, it was not windy. We were shooting at a steel target and one of those self-sealing plastic reactive targets. I have to say I was extremely pleased with the performance of the R51. I had one hang up with one of my reloads (as did a Glock 34 I had brought out--I only put 5 rounds of my reloads through the Glock because it just does not like that loading), but otherwise the R51's functioning was flawless and accuracy was great for the type of shooting I was doing. My son, who had previously had some problems with R51, shot several magazines through it without any issues. In short, I'm satisfied that not only is it going to work well as a carry gun, but that its accuracy (at least for me) is as good or better than my Glock 34.

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