Thursday, September 29, 2016

If You Are Trapped By A Mob, You Are Probably On Your Own

You need to read an article from Heat Street entitled "Charlotte Horror: How Trapped Drivers Pleaded with 911 to Rescue Them From Seething Mob." The basic take away is that several drivers whose vehicles were targeted by the rioters had called 911 begging for help, and the best that could be done for them was for the 911 operator to tell them to keep driving in order to get out of the affected area. In addition to reporting on specific calls to emergency services, as recorded by the 911 dispatchers, the article also notes:
Truckers also reported that rioters had started fires on the highway. That made a getaway in the truck impossible, and leaving the truck on foot too dangerous. 
According to police, the demonstrators held vehicles on I-85 at bay for nearly two hours, shutting down all lanes of traffic and horrifying trapped motorists. Reports indicate the police were able to finally clear the highway a little after 3am, and only by firing tear gas into the rampaging crowd.

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