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June 28, 2018 -- A Quick Run Around the Web

These 85 grain bullets are too long for use in an AR, unless you were willing to hand-feed them through the ejection port one at a time. Nevertheless, we again see just how effective the heavier weight open-tip match bullets are in the ballistic tests.

  • Related: "Active Killer Pre-Attack Behavior"--Active Response Training. By coincidence, Greg Ellifritz had, earlier this week, published this post summarizing some research into active killers. Some of the key points he notes is that active killers generally obtain their firearms legally, they generally plan for weeks or even months ahead of time, only 25% have been diagnosed with a mental illness, but most exhibited signs before hand such confrontations with one of the victims, revealing their plans to others, stalking or other types of abusive behavior. Read the whole thing.
A great walking pace for most people would be about 25 miles a day, and that’s carrying only a very light load if any. Many people would struggle to do 10 miles with 30+ pounds on their backs. A normally fit person on a bicycle loaded with 50 pounds? 75 miles a day is very reasonable. In fact, being within a day’s bicycle ride was one determining factor when choosing The Place for our bugout location.
Through the years, my thought on “Bugout” have evolved, simply because it makes sense to not put yourself into that type of situational risk unless all other options are denied to you. Keep in mind, a “Bugout” is not the same as a “Bug to”. A “Bugout” is when you’re headed out of your primary home with no clear home/retreat to go to. Most say “We’ll set up in the national/state forest.” These types generally have never “Set up” for an extended period (most not longer than a week, some maybe two weeks of camping at most, but it’s all good training). A “Bug To” is when you are headed to a clearly defined home or retreat that has been planned out (if someone lives there, they know you’re coming) and prepared by you ahead of time, and has supplies already laid in for your stay because it was part of the “plan”. Although “Bugout” and “Bug To” are primary residence evacuations, one (Bugout) is way too open ended to not be the last option available to you.
  • If you've been following Q, this may be of interest: "SENIOR SCIENTIST AT ALLERGAN, VACCINE RESEARCHER SHOT TO DEATH AS HE SLEPT BESIDE HIS DAUGHTERS AT REMOTE CAMPSITE"--Blacklisted News. It is not so much the how as the whom that may be important in this: a senior researcher for a pharmaceutical company.
  • "Six Age-Old Muzzleloader Rules Put to the Test"--Range 365. I don't shoot black powder, but this may interest those of you that do. The authors of this article decided to test some age old rules or beliefs regarding muzzle loaders. Most have to do with exposure to the elements and maintenance, such as whether the weapon getting wet would prevent firing, whether you can bring it into a warm house or tent from cold weather, whether you need to clean it immediately after shooting, and so forth. And, using a modern in-line muzzle-loading rifle, they found that most of these were false. One of the more interesting tests they did, however, was to compare bullets that had been deformed by being really pounded on with the ram rod versus a bullet that wasn't fully seated tight against the charge. What they found is that the deformation had only a small impact on accuracy, but failing to fully seat the bullet had a dramatic impact on accuracy, substantially opening up groups. 
  • It's an invasion: "Watch: 200 Migrants Attempt to Storm Croatian Border Yelling ‘Allahu Akbar’"--Breitbart. The article reports:
The clip, which was released over the weekend, shows the group of migrants attempting to cross a small canal and push through the line of police wearing protective gear. The incident occurred at the Croatian town of Maljevac, which lies on the border with Bosnia, Kronen Zeitung reports.
I thought that the tactics for dealing with this type of attack had been fully worked out by the end of 1914.
           A note to the folks obsessed with somehow disarming all civilians: You may want to find a new hobby. This particular horse isn't just out of the barn, it's in the field shooting skeet.
             Worldwide, there are about 857 million firearms in civilian hands—up 32 percent from the last Small Arms Survey estimates in 2006. For comparison, there are about 133 million firearms controlled by the world's militaries and 22.7 million in the hands of law enforcement across the planet.
               That means a growing numbers of civilians around the world are in a position to push back against police and militaries that serve often-abusive governments, and that are already outmatched in terms of raw weaponry. In the wake of the murderous, state-sponsored horrors of the 20th century, this latest report from the respected, Geneva-based Small Arms Survey represents good news to many people (albeit not the usual suspects you'll see quoted on the news).

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