Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Video: TFB's "Top 5 Concealed Carry Guns"

This is a fairly recent video from The Firearms Blog called the "Top 5 Concealed Carry Guns." The hosts are Patrick R. and Alex C. The firearms discussed are the H&K P7, NAA .22 Magnum "mini" revolver, Ruger LCP (with Lasermax), S&W Bodyguard, and S&W Model 642 J-Frame. Honestly, the video is not so much what are the "Top 5"--which would normally be something based on sales or some other indicia of importance--but rather a look at the 5 weapons that the two hosts use.

However, there is an interesting point about the video and presentation to which I want to direct your attention. The H&K is apparently the only weapon carried by Alex C., who admits that he only carries when he thinks he will be going somewhere where there is a heightened danger. The other 4 weapons belong to Patrick R. (except the LCP which apparently was appropriated by his wife), who carries most of the time, and admits that he uses different weapons depending on clothing and other factors. He also emphasizes a couple times that his choice of weapons is somewhat constrained due to his stature.

I've raised the point before that concealed carry is actually very subjective to circumstances, requiring different modes of carry and, perhaps, even different firearms at times--there is no "one-size-fits-all" solution. My own observations, including from reading articles, blog and forum posts, and watching videos on concealed carry, is that it is probably rare for someone who is dedicated to concealed carry to use the same weapon and same method of carry all the time, especially if they normally carry a full-sized  or "mid-sized" (e.g., Glock 19) handgun. Yes, there are a few dedicated souls out there that do. But even when a dedicated "carrier" discusses a preferred weapon or carry method, it is generally followed by an admission that "sometimes I just drop a J-frame" or other small handgun "into my pocket when I am just quickly running to the store"; or switch to something smaller in hot weather or engaging in sports; and so on.

This video seems to confirm my thoughts. The one that carries only intermittently, Alex C., is the one that has settled on the one gun; the one that carries frequently, Patrick R., has different methods and different firearms for different situations.

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