Saturday, November 14, 2015

French Terror Attacks (Updated and Bumped)

Update (11/14/2015): Reports in that French police are attempting to locate two vehicles possibly involved in the attacks, including one with four heavily armed men. Also, one of the terrorists just came to Europe in October, entering through Greece with a Syrian passport. The AP places the current death toll at 129 dead, and 352 injured; while President Hollande vowed to attack the Islamic State. Belgium has made several arrests in relation to the attack. And Poland's newly elected government indicated that it will not accept EU quotas for refugees.

Vox Popoli writes: "This is infuriating: people inside the concert hall were texting and begging for help for TWO HOURS before the police finally stormed the hall. 118+ killed by 4-6 jihadists in the meantime. Lesson: CARRY A FUCKING GUN!"

Update (11/13/2015): If there were any doubts before, it is clear from witnesses that the attackers were Muslims. Reports now saying that at least 100 killed just at the Bataclan concert hall. Also, the Associated Press reports:
German Chancellor Angela Merkel says she is "deeply shaken by the news and pictures that are reaching us from Paris." The German leader issued a statement saying her thoughts were with the victims "of the apparent terrorist attack."
She can't even bring herself to categorically admit it was a terror attack. Does she think it may have been some type of peaceful Islamic interfaith outreach?

Original Post (11/13/2015):

So the news is buzzing with the multiple terrorist attacks in Paris. The most recent news from The Telegraph indicates at least 30 dead. Bridget Johnson at PJ Media is following the news, and reports that the number of dead is estimated at 40. Weasel Zippers reports that some 60 hostages were taken at a concert hall. Here is a link to the Daily Mail's coverage.

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