Saturday, November 21, 2015

Self-Defense Tip: Don't Shoot At A Fleeing Purse Snatcher

The Daily Mail reports: "Woman opens fire at purse snatcher caught outside Walmart, but leaves the scene with her gun when police arrive to arrest him". The article indicates: "Authorities say that Dawson, who was later arrested, was not hit but stumbled when he heard the shot, though they still want to talk to the woman who opened fire at him as he tried to flee." Believe me, they do not want to just "talk to the woman"; they probably will arrest her or, at the least, take her CCL away. Although her reaction is understandable, lethal force for a civilian is only legally justified when you (or someone else) faces an imminent threat of grievous bodily harm. A purse snatcher running away does not meet this criteria. She's lucky she didn't actually strike the perp or anyone else. And where did her bullet go, anyway? Completely irresponsible.

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