Saturday, January 21, 2012

Gear Review -- Condor 602 Jacket Revisited

I had previously posted a review of the Condor 602 Jacket (link here).

When I had used the jacket before, I hadn't been able to use it in any significant amount of downpour. However, the weather over the past week has given me several opportunities to use the jacket for extended periods (including a 1/2 hour and 45 minute walk) in light to medium rain, as well as windy conditions. With that, I thought it would be good to update my original review.

First of all, this is the first time I've really gotten a good use out of the hood. Before, I had mentioned a velcro attachment to the hood that I thought was used for adjusting the hood. Wrong. That is just for keeping the hood rolled up when it is zipped away. There is an elastic tie that tightens up at the back of the hood to adjust the hood's overhang. On each side of the hood is another elastic tie that can be tightened up to make the hood fit more closely around your face (useful in the wind). There is a small fabric visor on the hood which helps with keeping the rain off glasses (if you are unfortunate enough, like me, to have to wear them).

My initial impression that the jacket is really for use in mid-range temperatures (40 - 50s') is correct. With a sweater or other warm underclothing, and a warm hat (I was using a bomber hat), the jacket works fine down to about 30 degrees F. As I said before, there just isn't much insulation in the jacket itself.

The jacket really shined in the light rain. The hood worked well, and the jacket breathed better than any other rain gear that I have. I didn't have any problems with water leaking through the zippers, so the lack of a storm flap was not the issue I worried it might be.

In short, for someone needing a light to medium weight jacket for use in rainy weather, this jacket does very well.

Update (April 14, 2012): So, I used the jacket through the winter and a wet and windy spring, and it has worked extremely well. Its water repellent properties appear to be good, and although I'm not putting a lot of physical stress on the jacket, I was wearing it almost daily for a couple months straight without any problems. So, in short, I've been very pleased with the jacket.

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