Monday, June 29, 2020

QOTD: What The Coming Election Is Really About

"Columnist, farmer and classicist Victor Davis Hanson has cast the 2020 election as a choice between civilization and a return to primitivism. It’s unfortunate that we’ve come to that, but here we are." -- "Why Is The Mob Winning?" by the Issues & Insights editorial board.


  1. From the close of the article: "Pushback is nearly unheard of. We’re planting the seeds of our own demise because we choose barbarism by default when we fail to stand for a civilized society."

    There are several reasons why there has not yet been active pushback: 1) We have jobs and families. 2) The same government organs that are allowing the mob to rampage and riot would come down on us like a ton of bricks if we engaged in any active pushback. 3) Once we start pushing back, it won't end any time soon.

    1. Criminals--particularly bandits--have traditionally made very good leaders in underground movements because they are willing to resort to violence and already know how to operate outside the law. Stalin, for instance, rose to prominence for his exploits as a robber and bandit.