Monday, November 18, 2019

What's The Point to an AR Pistol?

Someone posed this question to John Mosby recently and he addressed it in his most recent "Campfire Chat" column. He wrote:
      The point of AR “pistols” is, legitimately, the same point of a 10.5” or other SBR, without the $200 tax and permission slip from The Crown, honestly.

      You are losing some muzzle velocity, but you’re making up for it with handiness and light weight.
And, he notes, in a pistol configuration you don't have the interstate transportation headaches of a short barrel rifle (SBR). Mosby also notes that he has put a low power variable optic (LPVO) on his allowing him to use it out to 400 meters.

    The biggest selling point to me for an AR pistol was that I could keep it up in a shooting position and turn around in my house's hallway without dipping the barrel.

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