Monday, May 6, 2019

Monday Medley of Videos

Normally I do these on Sunday, but it was a busy weekend. But, better late than never....

"Blokesplaining why 3 round groups... aren't"--Bloke on the Range (7 min.)
I may have posted this before, but it is nevertheless a good reminder that 3-round groups are too small of a sample size to tell you what your average group size will be.

A look at birdshot ballistics, including tests against the meat target. While Harrel gets some decent penetration against his meat target, I would still be hesitant about penetration. I happened to be shooting at some plastic milk jugs filled with water the other day with a shotgun. It was just for fun (kids and the young at heart enjoy seeing the spray as a jug explodes), so I was just using the standard practice/field loads. At about 15 yards, I was hitting the jug, but only a few pellets were even able to penetrate, so I had to move closer (about 4 or 5 yards). At closer ranges, I got a satisfactory reaction from the jugs, but noted that most, if not all, of the pellets were caught in the water jug. So, still very poor penetration.

A drill for learning to shoot accurately one-handed in a defensive situation.

There is a lot more nuance to the "monkey dance," and I highly recommend Rory Miller's book "Facing Violence: Preparing for the Unexpected" (which just happens to currently be free to read for Kindle Unlimited) if you want to learn more about "social violence", but this video gives a decent introduction to the topic.

".32 ACP is Pretty Good Too"--Lucky Gunner (13 min.)
A continuation of his pocket pistol series.

"The Rise of Colossus"--Black Pilled (20 min.). The narrator, Devon Stack, uses an old sci-fi movie that was fairly prescient about the rise of AI and mass surveillance to discuss the implications of the current trend by the Alphabet agencies Alphabet Inc. and similar companies to monitor everyone and push AI.

The Think Like A Cop Youtube channel recently recommended this video: "Why I Don't Want to Become a Minority" by Red Ice TV (9 min.)


  1. I played Dr. Forbin in our play, The Forbin Project, in seventh grade.


    1. So you were planning your clandestine take-over of the world that young?