Thursday, May 24, 2018

Some 5.45x39 Gel Tests

       Below are some videos testing the Hornady 60-grain VMAX in 5.45x39 in blocks of ballistic gelatin. The first video shows the 5.45 VMAX shot out of a standard length barrel at short range. And, being primarily a varmint load, it of course pretty much fragments on impact and has poor (9 inch) penetration. The flaw with this type of testing is that rifles are generally used to engage targets some distance away, when bullet velocity will have decreased, which will impact the terminal performance of the cartridge. And this is sort of what we see in the second video, which tests the VMAX out of an SBR. The SBR has lower muzzle velocity and, therefore, mimics what would occur out of a full length barrel at longer ranges. And in the second video, we see much better terminal performance, including penetration.

"5.45x39mm gel test: Hornady 60 gr VMAX"--The Chopping Block (5 min.)

         This last video is simply to give you a look at the performance of the Russian military round, the 7N6, which uses a hollow cavity ahead of a steel core, with the intent that the tip will crush on impact inducing bullet yaw and fragmentation. Unfortunately, the 7N6 is no longer imported. However, I believe you can still find it; and one of the reasons that it is still out there is that it used a corrosive primer, so a lot of people didn't like shooting it.

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