Thursday, November 9, 2017

Daily Mail: "State trooper saves own life by wrapping his tourniquet round his leg to stem heavy bleeding after being gunned down during a traffic stop"

        A state trooper who was shot several times during a traffic stop saved his own life by applying a tourniquet to his leg before help arrived, authorities said. 
        Cpl. Seth Kelly, 39, remains hospitalized in critical condition after suffering wounds to his neck, shoulder and leg in the close-quarters gunfight with 22-year-old Daniel Khalil Clary in Plainfield Township, Pennsylvania. 
        Kelly was helping another trooper arrest Clary, whom they suspected of driving under the influence of marijuana, when the suspect began fighting with them, police said.  
* * * 
       ... the struggle lasted nearly two minutes, and at one point all three men were 'wrestling and rolling around' the right lane of busy Route 33, north of Philadelphia, as cars and trucks whizzed by them on the left.
        Shot and gravely wounded, Kelly had the presence of mind to grab the tourniquet he wore on his service belt and apply it to his bleeding leg. 
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