Sunday, November 12, 2017

An Interesting Concurrence of Events

A short series of videos from Suspicious Observers you might want to watch:

       The gist of these videos is as follows:

       The Earth currently enjoys three protections against space weather (cosmic rays and solar flares/storms): the Earth's magnetic field, which protects against all forms of space weather; the Sun's magnetic field, which helps protect the whole solar system (including Earth) from cosmic rays; and a magnetized dust cloud through which the solar system is currently traveling which also provides protection against cosmic rays. All three of these are failing.

       Taking these in reverse order. First, the solar system is on the cusp of leaving the dust cloud that currently provides some protection against cosmic rays and entering a void largely devoid of this dust. Second, as the Sun enters another grand minimum, the strength of the Sun's magnetic field is weakening, exposing us to more cosmic radiation. Third, the Earth's magnetic field--our primary shield against solar ejecta and flares as well as an additional shield against cosmic rays--has significantly and suddenly declined in strength the last few decades.

       The consequence is that we will see Earth become more subject to the vagaries of space weather and radiation, which will probably see increased health problems, severe storms, and earthquakes. I would suppose that lessened solar magnetic field and leaving the dust cloud will also leave the Sun more vulnerable to the influence of cosmic rays or other phenomena.

* * *

       I have noted before my belief that the period from 2020 through 2050 will be especially turbulent and may be the time period in which the Tribulation and Second Coming will occur. It may be a fruitless endeavor to attempt to predict the time of the Tribulation and the Second Coming, but I believe we have been provided different signs in order to act as warnings, affirmations of our faith, and to give meaning to the disasters that will come. This does not mean that all upheaval or disasters are tied to the Tribulation and Second Coming. We see wars, pestilence, and natural disasters that are not part of the set of signs, and will continue to do so; and it possible that the Second Coming is many decades or centuries away.

        Nevertheless, there are indications of a concurrence of events that suggest the wars and disasters that have been predicted are imminent: the collapsing international order and shifting of centers of power, the weakening of the Earth's magnetic field and rapid changes in the location of the magnetic poles, and signs of an impending grand minimum which will result in cooling of the climate. There is also always the chance of volcanic eruptions that could affect the climate over large areas of the earth (particular examples I've discussed before). As we know from history, cooling periods have always resulted in declining crop yields and spread of pestilence. For instance, both the Justinian's Plague and the Black Death were associated with climatic changes (see, e.g., here and here).

       Even if the Apocalypse is not near, we are living in a period where Western Civilization is in decline, and we may, in our lifetimes, see portions of Europe become completely overrun by savage hordes and cease to be part of the "West."

       It is up to us to preserve ourselves and our posterity. This blog (and many others similar to it) primarily focuses on physical preservation or survival. I and others have also discussed spiritual and/or emotional preservation and survival. A bigger question, and one that is dear to the heart of the Alt-Right movement, is the preservation of Western culture or civilization. Given the current decadence and rot, it is not clear whether it is worth preserving Western civilization, in toto. (Stefan Molyneux has an excellent video that discusses this issue). But there are surely elements of Western Civilization that are worth preservation (or recapturing): not only history, art or aspects of the culture, but aspirations, ideas and philosophies. I hope to discuss this point in the future.

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