Friday, July 29, 2016

July 29, 2016 -- A Quick Run Around the Web

"Tourniquet, how to use them, what to do when you don't have one and need it." (H/t "Watch: Tourniquet | How To Use Them"--Loadout Room). Please note that the Loadout Room article links to a second video that may be worth your time.

We found that the overall wounding pattern and the fatal wounding pattern following civilian active shooter events differ from combat injuries. There were no deaths from exsanguinating extremity wounds. As such, we discourage the current myopic focus on hemorrhage control for civilians. Instead, we urge that the tenets of civilian-based TECC be implemented across the entire prehospital trauma spectrum, and we further recommend studying this strategy to affirm its benefit.
Basically, as you would expect from the shooting of helpless victims versus armed soldiers, the majority of lethal wounds to civilians were to the head and torso, which obviously obviates the usefulness of tourniquets. This is, of course, why it is recommended that your medical kit also include hemostatic gauze, pressure bandages, and a chest seal. However, I would not throw away the tourniquet yet--the hope is that you will fight back, not be a sitting duck, so it is more likely that you may suffer limb injuries than the run-of-the-mill victim. 
In an astonishing admission, the report said its own investigators were unable to obtain key records or penetrate the activities of secretive "ad-hoc task forces". Mrs Lagarde herself is not accused of obstruction.
    “Many documents were prepared outside the regular established channels; written documentation on some sensitive matters could not be located. The IEO in some instances has not been able to determine who made certain decisions or what information was available, nor has it been able to assess the relative roles of management and staff," it said.
    • "France Has Two Options — Civil War or Submission"--Gates of Vienna. "[French President] Hollande cannot declare war on ISIS because ISIS is not just some foreign power in far-away lands which can be bombed from the air with impunity. ISIS is Islam and Islam is in France. Islam is in Paris and Marseilles. Like a rapidly expanding virus, Islam has invaded France and is attacking the racial base, the cultural base, the spiritual base and the political base of the host country itself."
    • "Scott Adams Sees Liberalism Crushing Testosterone"--Anonymous Conservative.
      As a conservative, I watched some of the Democrat convention, and was struck by two things. One, I am now uncontrollably repulsed by liberals. I cannot tolerate them within my sphere, to the point I literally had to change channels periodically to let my amygdala rest. As I pondered this, I pictured what would happen if there ever is a civilizational breakdown, because I am a civilized guy and even I can see an ideologicidal war being a major stress reliever.
        I would imagine the uncivilized guys are going to go hog wild if they happen on hipsters with Bernie or Hillary bumper stickers once the law is non-existent. Eliminating amygdala irritation is the foundation of violence. I can easily see Bosnian level violence become normal if the fa├žade comes down.
          Two, I felt a real wave of vigor as I contemplated what I saw, because as I watched it I felt like I was watching the early part of a Charles Bronson Deathwish film. The Democrat Convention was like the first part of a Deathwish movie, where the thugs are running wild, shooting children, raping women, and laughing about it. That is the part where the movie is establishing all the reasons Charles would later have to kill them, so you could properly enjoy their deaths.
            If you know they are all going to be killed, all the first part does is invigorate you, and make you look forward to the second part, where Bronson does what Bronson does to all of the people who deserve it.

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