Wednesday, July 27, 2016

July 27, 2016 -- A Quick Run Around the Web

"EMPTY SHELL Engineers the 'World’s First Hand Held Electric Gatling Gun in 5.56mm'"--The Firearms Blog. Also some more from The Truth About Guns. Seems to me that General Electric had developed a 5.56 version in the 1970s, but I don't know if had been intended to be hand held.

News and Opinion:
Why is it that the lingering consequences of this this situation – and many more like it, for stories like this are not uncommon – end up falling to white people to deal with? Why are the efforts of blacks themselves not sufficient to shoulder these burdens? Why is it the job of white people, like the policemen who spent Friday morning drinking Psycho Dish’s coffee (and unlike an entire neighborhood full of black residents who all saw nothing, heard nothing, and knew nothing about the crime), to seek justice for their murdered youth? Why is it the job of white people, like the good-hearted Christians at his church (and unlike an entire neighborhood full of black residents who live a few steps away), to find ways to care for their needy elderly? Why, instead of relying on white people to help them, do they not take care of each other, as Psycho Dish’s family did through his mother’s long illness?

    Will it ever not be the job of whites to deal with the seemingly-endless problems of, and to clean up the seemingly-endless messes left by, black people? If so, when? How? Under what circumstances? What will be the secret ingredient that finally makes it happen after decades of fruitless trying? ...
    As they say, read the whole thing.
    • "If You Can't Touch It, You Don't Own It"--Zero Hedge. In the wake of the Brexit vote, many mutual fund holders attempted to cash out their mutual funds, only to have their asset managers refuse to make payments to prevent a run. Just a reminder that possession is nine-tenths of the law.
    • "The Right Way to Write About the Volcanic Apocalypse"--Eruptions Blog. The author, a volcanologist, explains that there is no scenario where all, or most, of the volcanoes on earth would erupt at the same time. I would note that there is nothing in Revelation that indicates this either: one or two very large eruptions (not even supervolcanoes) would account for the darkening of the sun and the moon appearing red.

    • "The Fall of the 6.8 SPC and Rise of the 6.8 SPC II as a Hunting Round"--AR15 Hunter. A history of how the 6.8 SPC failed as a military cartridge, but, after being tweaked a bit, is achieving some popularity as a hunting round.
    • Nathaniel F., at The Firearms Blog, has started a new series discussing the ballistics of various "intermediate" calibers. So far, he has discussed:
    • "Moderate power firearms"--Backwoods Home Magazine. In an article from 2008, Massad Ayoob discusses why you don't need, or even want, too much gun--e.g., one that will make you flinch each time you fire it. He discusses calibers (and gauges) that are softer on the shoulder and hand (and wallet, I might add) but can still get the job done, as well as using .22 LR.

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