Thursday, June 9, 2016

June 9, 2016 -- A Quick Run Around the Web

Location of US carriers. (Source: Stratfor). Solomon at SNAFU! wonders why so many of the amphibious warfare ships are at home ports. Lack of repairs/budget problems? Or resupply so they can be all out at the same time?

Firearms and Shooting:
  • "Ballistics 101: What is Form Factor?"--Nathaniel F. at The Firearms Blog. Nathaniel writes: "If ballistic coefficient indicates how well a given projectile resists drag when compared to the model projectile, form factor indicates how much more or less aerodynamic that projectile’s shape is than the model projectile’s. The important difference between the two is that form factor exists irrespective of sectional density (SD). Form factor does not tell you how well a projectile resists air drag, but it does indicate how efficient a projectile with that shape and of a given sectional density will be." Read the whole thing.
  • "Modern Big-Game Bullets"--American Rifleman. An article on how bullets are constructed in order to do their job of expanding but not loosing mass (i.e., breaking apart) when they strike a game animal.
  • "Midway USA Expands Their Own Brand with 'TACTICAL' Shooting Mat"--The Firearms Blog. On sale now for $29.99 according to the article. 
  • "Skill Drills: Mad Half Minute"--Handgun Magazine
  • "Magpul AK74 MOE 5.45x39mm Magazine"--Loose Rounds. Word is that Magpul will be producing AK74 mags.
  • "Motion vs. Action"--The Tactical Wire. Going through the motions versus actually performing an action correctly.

Other Stuff:
  • Related: "Battle of the Teutoburg Forest"--Wikipedia. This battle in 9 A.D., which saw the loss of three Roman legions, marked the end of Rome's attempts to expand beyond the Rhine, ceding control of the territories it had gained back to the barbarian tribes.
Right now, I’d assume that this is being used for more or less legit purposes, because we live in a time of r and money is everywhere. But if K-selection hits, and these departments can’t feed their officer’s families, understand that if you have a bank card, it is not impossible your savings account could get zero’d out in a moment by a uniformed unit on a traffic stop, as you drive to your vacation at the shore. Now, under asset forfeiture rules, you then have to go to court and prove that your money wasn’t associated with any crime and in between the agency might offer you 70% of your money back, for expediency. Assuming it could easily cost you more for legal representation to get it all back, you could end up with a 70% haircut on your account for no reason at all.
    When the apocalypse hits, the big contest will be to see who can guard whatever wealth they have, and not just from criminals but from the government too. They say procession is 9/10ths of the law, but in apocalypse, it will be everything.

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