Monday, June 6, 2016

June 6, 2016--A Quick Run Around the Web

Photograph of a crumbling staircase on an abandoned building in Portugal. Source: "The hauntingly beautiful abandoned buildings where time stands still: Eerie snaps show decaying kitchens, derelict churches and stately manors that are being reclaimed by nature"--Daily Mail. A lot more photos from different locations around Europe at the link.

  • Related: "Things Change: The Startling Contrasts Of Venezuela And Colombia"--Return of Kings. Over the last 30 years of so, Columbia has gone from a country nearly torn apart by drug cartels and guerrilla warfare, to a country surging in peace and prosperity; Venezuela has gone from peace and prosperity to the edge of being a failed state.
    Americans have grown accustomed to low crime rates since a peak in the 1990s. But law enforcement started seeing a spike last year that has continued unabated. What's unusual, however, is that it's not happening everywhere. Chicago and Los Angeles are seeing homicides on the rise, but other places like Miami and Oakland are not.
      Chicago, a city long associated with violent crime that plagues its poorer neighborhoods, saw six people fatally shot over the Memorial Day weekend and 56 wounded, ending a bloody month in a bloody year. May's 66 homicides - 19 more than May 2015 and 25 more than May 2014 - raised the total number for the year past the 240 mark. That's more than 50 percent higher than last year, and puts the city on a pace to easily surpass the 500 homicides it saw in 2012.
        Perhaps more significant is the number of people who are being shot; well over 1,200 as of Tuesday, which far surpasses the 800 by this time last year.
          Hundreds of people packed the streets outside Webster Hall in Manhattan's East Village after Kanye West teased a surprise concert there early Monday — but the concert was ultimately canceled as the crowd grew and grew, leading to a frenzied scene that left behind smashed cars and piles of trash. 
            Despite high energy at the unplanned event and a heavy police presence, no one was arrested, according to the NYPD.

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